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The Squire Lounge is 75!

The Squire Lounge has been in Denver longer than you have. It’s also had more incarnations than you have—the latest one occurring just last year. So it looks fresh, young, and vibrant again.

The Squire Lounge at 75 years-slide0
Sudhir Kudva

It seems like a great time to celebrate The Squire’s 75th Anniversary.

There is no actual birth certificate for The Squire. The little dive at Colfax and Williams has gone through several different owners and even more patrons. But today’s owners, Sudhir Kudva and Steven Alix dug into available records and archive photos to estimate this little piece of Denver has been labeled The Squire Lounge for approximately 75 years.

That seems like a great reason to hold a party. The Squire has always liked a good party. Just stop in on any weekend night and that will be apparent.

This party will last a couple days. Precisely, May 10-11. They’ll open at noon Saturday and Sunday. But they’ll maintain a Denver municipal code 2 am closing time each night. Laws and stuff, you know.

Since sometime around 1939 (let’s just say WW2 era), this place has offered a good strong drink to meet depression era budgets. The 75th birthday will not change that. No cover, Deep Eddy vodka for just a few bits (75 cents when adjusted for inflation), plus still unbelievably cheap craft brew and domestic drafts through happy hour.

The DJ’s will start spinning a nice, fun mellow sound as soon as the doors to Colfax are open. The sound will get progressively louder and dancier as the party goes into the night. Start a bit sluggish, then build your way up to some moves with time and a shot or two.

Punctuating the spinners will be some of Denver’s best comedians. You have to be funny to survive the gauntlet that is The Squire’s Tuesday night open mike. That scene takes balls! A lot of nights it also takes ovaries! Survivors will be jumping on stage between DJs all day Saturday.

You’ll probably need some calories to sustain yourself through a weekend full of booze, laughing, and dancing. That’s why The Squire Lounge is lining their little corner of Colfax with food trucks.

It’s really the best way to study a little history this weekend.

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