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The Spy Next Door? Come on, Jackie!


The Spy Next Door is a movie about pen sales man, Bob Ho (Jackie Chan), who is actually a CIA operative on loan from the Chinese government, that falls in love with his next door neighbor Gillian (Amber Valletta). Three problems persist:  Gillian's children hate Bob; Bob's secret spying is starting to get in the way of his personal life and lastly, this movie was already done before. The last similar movie was The Pacifier, which was actually much better and and funnier.

Also starring George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus, The Spy Next Door falls flat because it is too small for the likes of someone like Jackie Chan, let alone George Lopez.  So what is a star to do when the phone stops ringing? It's time to hire your own writers and produce your own works.  This has worked out well for Mr. Chan oversees, but he has yet to hit his stride in the U.S.

Often, to excuse a language barrier, a back story is given so the the American audience would buy the actor and their performance in a film. However, the back story for Chan has been so heavily recycled, one would think a new one would be order.

What I would love to see, as a Jackie Chan fan, is a story that he helps to tell that in no why has to pander to him being a minority. What if Jackie Chan could actually be noted for putting forth a great performance? In Forbidden Kingdom we some some signs of that; but there again, he is a Chinese man in China and working at a Chinese antiquities shop.  Is this the only way someone with an accent can act in American films is, by constantly reminding us that they are not from here?


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