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The Spooky Q's: Up close and personal with Seith Miller

Of all the bands playing in Lexington today, the Spooky Q’s are one of the funnest and hardest to categorize. This Lexington based four piece came out of the short lived Lexington underground super-group Mom Said Go!, a band witch, at various times, contained members of: The Iron Mike’s; Sans Serif; The Jacobs; Ingsoc; Jack Cofer; Take My Word and The Rough Customers. The Spooky Q’s spent 6 months trying out various members before solidifying their now formidable line up: Jack Cofer; Seith Miller; Chris Oakes; and Ondine Quinn.

Seith Miller and the Spooky Q's
Casie Lewis

I sat down with my friend Seith Miller for a little Q & A session.

Examiner: What are the Spooky Q’s doing in the next year?

Seith Miller: Awww that is a big one. We have a big year ahead of us. Right now the plan is to finish Boys Are Easy, a demo that’s been getting a little bit of a reputation already, and then make a video for it with a Louisville based video artist named Rocky Borders, then hopefully release it as a single with all the tracks split apart for remixing and a video.

I know you started giving guitar lessons several months ago, what got you into that?

Yeah, I really like it. I teach at the doo wop shop here in Lexington. I feel like a lot of musicians, even people that are in bands, have been playing for years and wasting a lot of time because they never really learned the basics of their instrument. It is nice to be in a position to get people started off right.
I have also recorded several local bands and I routinely fix instruments and amps for local musicians. I stay pretty busy!

Do the Spooky Q’s have any tours planned for this year?

Ha ha, as a matter of fact we do. We are going on tour with an amazing band from Chicago, 8 Inch Betsy May 21st through 31st.

Is that the whole plan for the year so far?

Oh no, no! We are also debuting our first full length album in August, that will be a lot of fun.

Who are your favorite bands?

Oh man, well, like I said, these are just mine and if you asked any one else’s it might be very different. Ford Theater Reunion, Yeasayer, The Oxford Farm ReportThe Beach BoysBéla Bartók John Cage,  Steve Reich , Philip Glass Igor Stravinsky Duke Ellington , Count Basie John Coltrane , Miles DavisSix Organs of Admittance Sonic Youth  John Zorn The Police Fela Kuti The Good The Bad And The Queen Ben Lacy, and Charles Bukowski .

Bukowski is not a band!

What do I care? He’s good, people should check him out. Anyway, that is just a start; there are way more great musicians out there than that.

How important is Lexington’s local music scene to you?

Well it’s weird, I know you kind of want me to say it’s the best thing ever and you should come out and support local bands, but really I think people should listen to whatever they like. They should definitely check out the local scene wherever they are. There are a lot of world class artists like Ben Lacy out there that, for whatever reason, haven’t made it as big as they deserve. But there is also something to be said for arena shows.

The Spooky Q’s are a globally minded local act that delivers a powerhouse performance. If you get the chance to see them live in Lexington you should definitely take it because if hard work, innovation, and all out entertainment are worth anything, The Spooky Q’s won’t be just a local band for long.

Feel free to contact Seith at if you have any questions or just want to chat with him.


  • Lupe Saunders 5 years ago

    Sounds like we're on the groundfloor of an up and coming band. Keep us posted Neely.

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