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The sponge toss

Cosmetic sponges are an essential tool in a woman’s makeup arsenal. They can be used to apply everything from eye and cheek color, to foundation, to bronzing powder. The uses for these gems are endless. What would we do without them? However useful, they are not designed for repeated use over an extended period of time, and should be replaced after a few uses to prevent the spread of unwanted bacteria.

If you prefer to recycle your makeup sponges, you can prolong the life of them by washing them regularly with anti-bacterial hand soap and allowing them to air dry. The negative side to this is the risk of bacteria still remaining deep inside the sponge, or caked-on make-up that does not completely washout. If the sponge does not dry thoroughly before the next use, an unpleasant odor could develop; hence, more bacteria. In addition, washing the sponges can cause them to lose their shape and therefore effectiveness in reaching those difficult areas around the eyes. They also may not be able to stand the stress from the squeezing and begin to shred and tear.

Like most things in life, sponges will become aged and worn and will require replacing. So for safety’s sake, and to retain your beautiful glowing and clear skin, it is advisable to simply replace them and save yourself a great deal of effort. After all, they are reasonably inexpensive, and your face is well worth the extra two cents thrown in!



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