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The spiritual journey of Bill Bean

Bill Bean takes his "Spiritual Oil Change" on the road for those who need spiritual counseling.
Bill Bean takes his "Spiritual Oil Change" on the road for those who need spiritual counseling.
Bill Bean, Bill Bean Ministries

As a young boy, Bill Bean was a typical all American child. He had a loving and close family. All of that began to change when the Bean family moved into the house of their dreams. In 1970, when Billy was four years old, his family finally was able to buy a home, and it was the type of home that every family dreams of, sitting back on a cul de sac with enough room for the kids to play. They even put in a pool in the back yard.

However, almost as soon as the Bean family moved into their new home, strange occurrences started to happen to the young family. They would hear strange noises at night from the attic. Sounds would come from the living room as if there were someone else in the house. The family could hear someone walking rather loudly on the tiled flooring in the hallway. When Billy’s father would get up to investigate, he would find nobody there.

This of course was difficult on all the family members. The children were afraid to sleep at night, Mrs. Bean was frightened that of the possibility that there might be a ghost. Her husband had a difficult time wrapping his head around the idea of a spirit in his home, yet, he too was experiencing these things too. It made him feel quite helpless as it was his job to protect his family. Billy’s sister Patti got married at an early age so that she could get out of that house.

With that being said, Billy’s father did not handle the helplessness that he felt in a positive manner. As time went on, Mr. Bean developed a drinking problem and was not open to moving out of the home when his wife would plead to him that she did not want to deal with the unexplainable activity any longer.

Eventually, Billy’s father left and Billy and his family continued on in the house without him. The constant stress from the paranormal activity took its toll on Mrs. Bean’s health and she became quite ill. The regular physical attacks from the entities (it was believed to be four entities and an angelic spirit) were happening to everyone in the house.

The Bean family surprisingly stayed in that house for ten years. When things finally became too much for them, they moved into the home of Mrs. Bean’s companion, Richard. However, in less than a year, Billy’s grandmother passed away and then his mother died just two months later.

Yet it was while the Bean family still lived in that house that Bill found his calling. After confiding in his Uncle Cliff during a visit with his father in Florida as a young teen, he learned that through faith in God and in Jesus, he could fight the evil entities that tore their family to pieces throughout that ten year period as they resided in that house. It was when he arrived back home after that visit that he began to fight the evil surrounding them. It gave him a sense of empowerment that he never expected to know.

Now that Bill Bean is an adult, he has made spiritual warfare his life’s work. He is an ordained non-denominational Christian minister, traveling the country to spread awareness of spiritual warfare, the healing light of Jesus, and performs deliverances or exorcisms for anyone afflicted with demonic oppression or worse. His “Breaking the Chains 2014” tour allows attendees to experience a “Spiritual Oil Change”. Testimonials are numerous from those who have joined Bill Bean at his ministry as to how much their lives have changed for the better with Bill’s help. For more information on the “Breaking the Chains 2014” tour, visit the following sites., and

As part of spreading his message, he has taken his family’s story to television and has appeared on various shows including Discovery Channel’s ‘A Haunting’, and is the star of ‘House of the Dead’ which is currently in production.

Bill Bean also has published three books on how these experiences early on shaped his future. His first book, “Dark Force” tells the harrowing experiences in great detail that he and his family endured for ten years. The second book, “Delivered” picks up where his first book leaves off, detailing the aftermath of how those ten years affected him as a teen into adulthood. Additionally Bill’s third book, “Ten Steps to Victory” is an inspirational book that spreads the message of God’s love and how one will benefit by putting Him first in his or her life.

For information on Bill Bean’s television shows or books visit his websites listed above.
If spiritual counseling is needed, contact Bill at

Until next time, Los Angeles, Happy Haunting! ~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Paranormal Examiner

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