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The spirited Fenton Hotel, Tavern and Grille

Take photos of mirrors to catch paranormal anomolies.
Take photos of mirrors to catch paranormal anomolies.

In 1856, the railroads came to Fenton, Michigan. And with them, came the “Vermont House” which has had many names and many owners and is now known as the “Fenton Hotel, Tavern & Grill”. Over the years, it housed people on the second and third floors and entertained people in the second floor ballroom. It is no longer a hotel, but rather a fabulous restaurant with a wonderful history and charm.

Chris and Chass Jamnick, of Motor City Ghost Hunters, sit at the haunted table # 63
P. Hogarty

There is a painting in the back of the room by the bar which depicts an important part of the city of Fenton’s history. In the painting are three men playing cards for the rights to choose the name of the city and its main streets. On August 24, 1834, William Fenton laid down a full house and won the right to name the city “Fenton”. The main business street was named “Leroy”, the principal residential street “Rockwell” after the other poker players.

The Fenton Hotel is over 150 years old and throughout its life many people have worked and lived within its walls. Some say a few spirits are still there.

In the dining room, the staff has reported hearing their name called when no one was around. Glasses have flown off the rack in the bar. Clients who sit at the bar can sometimes hear dancing on the ceiling over their heads where the old ballroom used to be.

Manager Brittany Lockwood, saw the silhouette of a man in a top hat sitting at a table in the dining room. Unbeknownst to her, another waitress saw the same thing the day before. He sits at table 63. His silhouette has shown up in photos taken there.

It is said that an unwed woman, upset over being pregnant and rejected by her travelling lover hung herself in what is now the ladies restroom on the first floor. A contractor was working in there one day and felt resistance when he tried to open the last stall door. When it finally opened, he felt a mist rush right through his body.

Although most patrons go to the Fenton Hotel for their favorite menu item - and all the dishes are fabulous and affordably priced - some go with a camera incase they can do some ghost hunting on the side.

There has long been an association between ghosts and mirrors. The theories as to why ghosts may appear so often in mirrors are plenty, but a common opinion among paranormal investigators like Motor City Ghost Hunters, is that the spirits know you have a camera, and are trying to stay out of the picture. A good experiment to try while ghost hunting is to take photos of mirrors from odd angles. If a spirit is trying to stay behind you and out of the shot, you could still catch them in a reflection.

The Fenton Hotel
302 N. Leroy St.
Fenton Michigan, 48430


  • John 5 years ago

    Great Story as always Patti,we've been going to the Fenton Inn for many years.At the Fenton Inn you can allways expect a Awesome dinner and Outstanding service,We've Never had a bad meal their.This is a Little Gem just a short drive out of Detroit.There's a feeling that someone is present and glancing at your table even when the restaurant isn't busy and they're normally very busy do to their loyal regulars enjoying a great meal.

  • Chass 5 years ago

    Great job and the food there is awesome.

  • Mike 5 years ago

    the sprits and food rock, and patti is a great journalist

  • Kel 5 years ago

    Another awesome article from Ms. Hogarty! The Fenton Inn is definitely on my list of places to go...multiple times. :)

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    i have had many expirences at the fenton hotel. my family has been living here since the 1900s, and believe me. every resident in the fenton and flint area knows my family, from the commercials. but thats not the poiint. i had the expirence with the lady who hung herself in the last stall. i was in the last stall and i felt something tug on my hair. and when i exited the stall the door slammed shut behind me, and scared me half to death. we have sat at the table infront of the mural of the three men playing poker, i saw appirations. but never thought much about them until now.

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