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The spirited Fenton Hotel, Tavern and Grille

Take photos of mirrors to catch paranormal anomolies.
Take photos of mirrors to catch paranormal anomolies.


  • John 6 years ago

    Great Story as always Patti,we've been going to the Fenton Inn for many years.At the Fenton Inn you can allways expect a Awesome dinner and Outstanding service,We've Never had a bad meal their.This is a Little Gem just a short drive out of Detroit.There's a feeling that someone is present and glancing at your table even when the restaurant isn't busy and they're normally very busy do to their loyal regulars enjoying a great meal.

  • Chass 6 years ago

    Great job and the food there is awesome.

  • Mike 6 years ago

    the sprits and food rock, and patti is a great journalist

  • Kel 6 years ago

    Another awesome article from Ms. Hogarty! The Fenton Inn is definitely on my list of places to go...multiple times. :)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i have had many expirences at the fenton hotel. my family has been living here since the 1900s, and believe me. every resident in the fenton and flint area knows my family, from the commercials. but thats not the poiint. i had the expirence with the lady who hung herself in the last stall. i was in the last stall and i felt something tug on my hair. and when i exited the stall the door slammed shut behind me, and scared me half to death. we have sat at the table infront of the mural of the three men playing poker, i saw appirations. but never thought much about them until now.

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