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The Spillinator - No More Leaky Coffee Lids!

This will stop your coffee from spilling while you walk, drive, bike or push a stroller. With hot coffee bouncing around every time you move, you increase the chances of burning your self, your child or others around you. This item pops right into your cup top and holds in the coffee until you remove it. You'll save money on car washes and dry cleaning bills.

The creator Al Santos is reaching out to cafe's and coffee shops everywhere. A recent study found that over 75% of U.S. adults drink coffee, and 58% reported drinking coffee daily.

Coffee drinkers still outnumber tea drinkers in the U.S.: 183 million coffee drinkers to 173.5 million tea drinkers. In 2012, combined sales of coffee and tea at restaurant and drinking places is estimated to total $18.7 billion. This report also notes strong increases in demand for specialty coffee drinks (cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos and Macchiatos), with Macchiatos surging in popularity (as measured by market penetration) by 50% since 2007.

Here are some of the top benefits of using these:

Cheaper and far more environmentally friendly than splash-sticks.
Designed and tested to help those ailed by Parkinson’s enjoy coffee.
Beneficial to mothers pushing their child in a stroller.
Enjoy more of your favorite beverage faster, with a widened sip-hole.
Adds suction ability similar to that of a straw, while preventing those annoying leaks from the cup-crease.
Prevents line-of-site blockage while sipping and driving, no tilt needed.
Keeps your beverage hotter, longer.
Reusable, variable colors and brandable.
Designed for an active on-the-go lifestyle.
Patent Pending utility and design patents.

Perks include bags, spoons, cups, sip-tubes and gratitude.

You can grab these and support this project here

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