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The Spice and Tea Exchange is pleasant Orlando Food Tours stop

Delicious seasonings and teas at The Spice and Tea Exchange.
Delicious seasonings and teas at The Spice and Tea Exchange.
Barb Nefer

You try a rich variety of edibles and potables when you tour Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours. Your experience isn't just limited to traditional items like pizza or mussels or ice cream, although you'll definitely try those items. You'll also sample some different fare, like infused olive oils or wonderfully exotic teas

The latter item can be found at The Spice & Tea Exchange, a quaint little shop that is exactly what you'd expect when you see the same. It's packed with all sorts of salts, spices, herbs, and flavored teas that could keep you occupied for quite a lot of browsing time.

Alas, my time there was limited, since the tour has to fit six stops into its jam-packed schedule, but that was still enough time to taste some delicious apples topped with cinnamon sugar, tea-infused ice cream topped with salted caramel sugar, and chocolate tea. The tea is not at all sweet; instead, it just has a lovely and not at all overwhelming chocolate essence. It smells very strong, but the actual flavor is much more subtle. The ice cream is made using Publix premium vanilla blended with fresh tea. We also enjoyed loaded baked potato dip.

I'm a tea connoisseur, so The Spice & Tea Exchange is on my revisit list. I'm not big on sugared-up tea, so I love the fact that their flavors are unsweetened. Anyone who loves to cook could easily go crazy among all the specialty salts and spices. You can see the items we enjoyed and an overview of the store in the slideshow accompanying this article.

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