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The speech police prove we live under tyranny

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has made statements suggesting free speech be curbed.
Photo by Paul Morigi

While scanning the Internet and newspapers for the latest examples of Obama administration encroachments on personal freedom, this item was happened across, which highlights the fact that the speech police are proving that we now live under abject tyranny:

Much has gone unsaid as yet, but the times they are a-changin'. When we're unemployed, when our education and experience count for nothing, when our savings are confiscated and our retirements stolen, when federal drones are paid twice what productive people are paid, when legitimate public services are cut but taxes are raised, when it's a choice between food stamps or dumpster-diving, now we see who thinks it important we tone down inflammatory rhetoric. The classic question is: who benefits? Not us. Excessive civility has benefited only the uncivil. Nor is "healing" a fitting response to the loudmouths hogging the microphone, it's not our part to tidy up after them and begone. Civility is admirable but honesty is a necessity. It's time for plain talk and lots of it. They couldn't make it more clear why.

In times of national emergency civility is not a major goal. And this is a national emergency. The goal is the truth, pure and unadulterated truth. And truth is the one thing that we have precious little of in this society from top to bottom. The fact that chronic liars occupy the highest offices in the land is not the cause of our woes. Our elected representatives are mere reflections of our values. And we have chosen leaders who have none. Liars who believe the ends always justify the means. Tyrants and despots who will malign and even kill to advance their political agenda. And not only did we choose them, we did so twice, knowing full well the content of their character had not qualified them to serve in important positions where life and death decisions are made.

Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton call us terrorists if we believe in the right to keep and bear firearms. This is no accident. Despotic rulers of the elite class always isolate their named enemies first. They do so by smearing their good names, their reputations, their character with absolutely no evidence or reason to do so other than to attempt to silence them and their point of view. Once these citizens have been isolated by smears, they then begin to make the case for removing them from society, either by hauling them off to "rehabilitation camps" or outright killing them -- in secret of course.

But note that so far these citizens have done nothing than speak out against the elitist ruling class. Apparently that is now a crime in the "new America" that Barack Obama and his Democratic enablers, along with a few in the Republican leadership, promised to bring in 2007. We defended Cliven Bundy against government tyranny in Nevada. For that we were called every name in the book and even received death threats. Those who were there had government snipers on the hilltops surrounding the Bundy ranch ready to kill them for merely coming to Bundy's defense. Harry Reid went ballistic and nearly ignited a civil war with his reaction to patriots who would dare defend Bundy.

Further, when the Millers went on a shooting spree in Las Vegas, the talking heads of the mainstream media and political elites were quick to link the Millers to Bundy. But the Millers were asked to leave the Bundy compound due to their kooky history. And now it turns out that the Millers were serving as government snitches, working with the Las Vegas Police Department. The Millers later went on to kill, in cold blood, two Las Vegas police officers. Yet the elitist rulers and their accomplices in the media tried to link them to Bundy. Not so fast. The real linkage is to the Las Vegas Police, which perhaps they intended to cover up by concocting a false story about their supposed ties to Bundy. Las Vegas, after all, is "ReidLand." He wins his elections there because most of Nevada's population resides in the region. If it were up to the good folk of the rural areas, Reid would have been history long ago.

Patriots, conservatives, Tea Party members, and some libertarians get tarred and feathered in the news for merely speaking out against such shenanigans. But people like the Millers don't do much talking. They just kill cops.

In such a morally inverted society, there is a blurred line between those who historically have been known as the good guys and those who are the bad guys. Gone are the days when we can assume the police departments are automatically on the side of citizens of high moral character. Gone are the days when we can assume that our government only wants to help us. Gone are the days when we can assume that tyranny could never happen here or that a man could twice get elected president who has malevolent intent for the country and his political enemies. The accuracy of this kind of thinking is now gone with the wind. We are now at the point where we must thoroughly test out the character, background, and ideology of every single candidate for public office, especially those who run for Congress or the presidency. Better still, we should examine all candidates with a proctoscope.

Our predicament as men and women of character and good faith who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights rests in the double standard of our elitist rulers. We are not allowed to speak freely without having our good names dragged through the mud. But the elitist rulers are allowed to say anything whether it's true or not:

It comes down to this: we know what we are to them, enemies to be punished. Their words. They say they don't want to quell anger. They say they're itching for a fight. They say they'll hit back twice as hard. These are their terms. They believe, actually believe, their insults and libel and threats should go unanswered. If treating the people as enemies is proper then punishing the people is proper. And so they do. They believe these things because resistance is what they fear, so resistance is what they see. But something far tougher than resistance is emerging. It's everywhere and nowhere, it's self-assembling, it's committed to restoring a legitimate Constitutional republic and therefore every bit the enemy they imagine it to be. They're looking for noise and drama. They're fools. They merely need to look around. It's already upon them.

And because of this sad and torturous turn of events in our nation, civil war could erupt at any moment. In fact, it already has. So far it is "the stealth war," but it is as real as if it were blared right in our faces. The clock has now struck the midnight hour. No time left on the countdown of the doomsday clock. It is here. We are "ruled" by tyrants. And apparently it is so bad that an election or two will not get us out of it. This means that the present period in American history is infinitely more dangerous than any of us ever realized.

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