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The South shall rise again-after the snow melts

Its a winter wonderland in America-wonder how it gets so cold
Its a winter wonderland in America-wonder how it gets so cold
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2 inches of snow is all it took to paralyze Atlanta. Horror stories are now being told of people being stuck in their cars for 12-16 hours! I wonder if Chris Christie has been in Atlanta recently-this story has his fingerprints all over it. Granted, there was ice and Atlanta isn't used to snow, but for God's sake, it's not like this is some foreign bacteria never seen before by mankind. As I write this, freeways are still jammed with people who simply cannot escape. I hope a severe storm or other catastrophe never hits this area because they're not prepared for much of anything. Their mayor will have a price to pay for this. It is amazing how many areas in the United States are not prepared for cold weather or a measly 2 inches of snow. Being from Cincinnati, Ohio, a city used to snow, 2 inches would still cause panic on TV where the various stations love to scare the locals with possible tales of blizzards even though it's only a matter of inches.To this day, the yokels of Cincinnati will storm local groceries when they hear anything about a coming snowfall-no matte how trite the accumulation. Sometimes I think the local TV stations have stock in Kroger's.

As the weather continues it strange flip from hot to cold to storms and other confluences of nature, it may be wise for even southern cities to be prepared for snow. This may not be a quirky event, but the beginning of a trend. It has snowed before in Atlanta and they had a warning. Even abnormal temperatures can make for harrowing times for crops in the south, so it will pay to be ready for such an event. We still have plenty of time left this winter for more bad weather in regions not used to it. Whether it is due to global warming or not, the fact is-it can get cold and snow in the south. It will also pay for citizens of these cities to begin paying heed to these warnings. Schools should let students out early and employers should consider the same. It's obvious if Atlanta can't handle 2 inches, they'd had better prepare heavily for even the slightest storm if it includes snow. This event will now propel news stories for the entire week.

Living now in Florida, I have to admit that I miss the seasons, and an occasional snowfall. Watching this winter's very bleak weather cover almost the entire nation though is not so bad when it's 80 degrees outside: I went swimming after work yesterday, and couldn't help thinking about what was going on up north, and not that very far north either.It pays to look ahead now, not just so you can make sure you don't get stuck in a car, but at an airport. I did get stuck once in Chicago due to weather, and by the time it as over, I felt I had aged 20 years. Airports aren't meant to hang out in for long periods of time: in that respect, I don't know how that Snowden guy did it-in Russia no less! Global warming or not-now is a good time to put a weather preparation kit in your car. I would also think about joining AAA, although I'm not sure how good that would've done in Atlanta the past 24 hours. By next week, their weather will probably be back in the 60's and this will be a forgotten nightmare, except for Atlanta's mayor: that person may want to rethink reelection.