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The Sounds deliver tricks and treats


The Sounds certainly have a solid grasp of Halloween, especially for a bunch of Swedes.

Maja Ivarsson put her heart - and thighs - into every number.
Shauna Farnell

Maja Ivarsson and the boys went all-out in costume for their Oct. 31 show at Denver's Odgen Theater. Ivarsson, who indisputably has the best legs of anyone in rock-n-roll, was clad in stripper boots and bondage gear while guitarist Felix Rodriguez was dressed up as a Mexican death doll (in drag).

Drummer Fredrik Nilsson was the Geico lizard (do they have Geico in Sweden?), keyboardist Jesper Anderberg was wearing what looked like a very warm and heavy Scooby Doo outfit - especially for crowd-surfing - and bassist Johan Bengtsson was a stereotypical Mexican - in pancho and sombrero.

Ivarsson swigged beer and smoked cigarettes throughout the show. The place was throbbing.

The photos say it all.