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The soulful passion of indie world artist Emanuela Bellezza

Soul/R&B singer Emanuela Bellezza
The soulful/R&B singer/songwriter Emanuela Bellezza.

Emanuela Bellezza, remember that name, as she is an indie artist of the world that just happened to land in Los Angeles, California. Originally born in Italy, Emanuela was raised in the world of Classical music from the age of seven. With training and a lot of hardwork, Emanuela became an accomplished pianist in her own right, as well as learning to play the guitar. Although, what makes her truly special is the passion and the emotion you hear in her voice as she sings.

From the description above, one would believe that Emanuela Bellezza was a pop, classical, or jazz singer, but in fact she is something quite different. Not wanting to stereotype, I would never have thought she'd be a R&B/soul singer as a first choice. The technical difficulty of singing R&B vocals with the range and the vocal runs, it would be so easy to get it wrong. Emanuela goes for it all in each song and brings the skill and passion, that only natural soul singers seem to be born with.

On top of that, Emanuela Bellezza is a bit of a linguist studying French, Russian, and English. To date she has already recorded her music in English, Italian, and Spanish (with more to come I'm sure). She is well on her way to being a world music artist, since the ability to sing in multiple languages never hurts. Actually, it's a good idea these to record music in other languages (i.e. Ember Swift and Immaculate Machine who perform their songs in Mandarin, Chinese). Since the goal of most indie artists is to "get that break", being able to record songs in different languages is a strength to build their fanbase and sales.

Emanuela Bellezza's EP "vain and sunshine of heart"
Emanuela Bellezza's EP "vain and sunshine of heart".

Emanuela Bellezza makes a promising debut EP "vain and sunshine of heart" (2009). It is a brisk 6 songs of soulful music (the final song being in Italian). Her songs are catchy and well written, and the musicianship of the backing music is solid.

The standout tracks on the EP are: Stay with Me, Treat You Right, and Happiness. The song "Stay with Me" is a soulful R&B ballad of yearning and love. "Stay with Me" also gives Emanuela a chance to show off her vocal intensity and range. The track "Happiness" is a uptempo bluesy number with a driving beat, and a retro sounding backup vocals done in a "call and response" style. "Treat You Right" is a solid lyrical tune of strength. The song's theme of staying by the side of those who supported you, makes a clear and strong message. 

The thing that I recommend for Emanuela and all newer indie artists, is once they have their EP or album, they need to go out and tour, book a string of shows to bring the "live music" to the people. In  multiple languages, means she has the potential to hit many different music markets and demographics. In manuela Bellezza's case, to start and build her fanbase through her music. The fact that she sings inphics. The EP is the completion of "the studio" work, with the songs recorded on a record. Yet to promote your music, the most effective way is still through the concert show.

The video's of Emanuela Bellezza's performances (seen below), shows she has the talent to take her music career to the next level (in L.A.). Though she needs to take it upon herself to set up shows so she can "be seen" and refine her live performances of her music. It's a must for an indie artist and even moreso 

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