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'The Sopranos' 'GTA 5': Tony's opening scene ride home in 'GTA 5' video mix

"Grand Theft Auto 5" brings "Sopranos" back to life featuring the music and opening scene that had Tony and his mob entourage in all their glory back in the day. According to the Washington Post on July 15, YouTube channel 8-Bit Bastard has reincarnated the open credits of the hit TV series with a "clever video-twist game."

Grand Theft Auto done up in "Sopranos' opening scene has gone viral!
YouTube/ 8-Bit Bastard channel

Re-enactments for the movies "Skyfall" and "The Godfather" are previous recreations of this channel, but their "Sopranos" edition seems to be conjuring up a lot of interest today, according to News Max. It takes Tony Soprano's opening scene of his ride home, the one that was seen in the beginning of every episode of "Sopranos."

The guy driving and smoking a cigarette instead of a cigar is not Tony, but he's got all his moves down pat. That opening credits ride took Tony from New York City into New Jersey and the "GTA 5" remix takes their ride through the streets of what could be L.A., but it is a fictional West Coast city.

You might find yourself looking for the pork store with that pig on the roof, which became so popular in the real "Sopranos'" opening credits, but it's not there. As Tony gets closer to home in the real opening credits, the houses get bigger and better, but they are the typical middle class thrown-up mansions of the East Coast.

In the "GTA 5" version, the houses are built up against the sandy hills instead of the tree-lined streets. Tony's driveway is at the end of this journey and he lives in one of those houses made so famous in Hollywood movies that are full of glass windows over looking the canyon.

The opening credits to this "Grand Theft Auto 5" video-twist of the iconic mob show gives you plenty of things to look at as the imitation Tony takes his ride home. While he is driving that faithful "Woke Up This Morning" song is playing, just like in the original "Sopranos" version. Check out the video above, they really did a great job!

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