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The Song in the Night - April, National Poetry month

Old time alarm clock

Time slips away as invisibly as it came...and it's April again, the month set aside for National Poetry Month. As this writer has done in past years, I have written a poem to commemorate this month. Sometimes writers have difficulty in expressing their thoughts into words on a page, and this season hasn't been any different. Whole seasons of creative droughts have occurred and this one has been a long one. A few days ago, I lamented within myself that I had not written any poem in almost a year while I was reading some of my other pieces. Well, at long last, the muse of creativity began to pour over me and so I wrote about my night of sleeplessness and how we all try our best, in our own ways, to get to the point where our mind will just rest and finally sleep overtakes the hopeful penitent. You can read some of my other poetry at my Poematude blog.

The Song in the Night

Hours tick away in the silence of the night

I pray to Jesus for sleep to come
it evades me like an elusive wraith
I ask for the things that I haven't dared to ask before
I lay them out like a neatly ordered mental game of solitaire

One...and then two...

My prayers still are not answered as of yet
I sigh...I sing to the Lord
a chorus of hushed whispers
"...There's a river of life, flowing out of me..."

two-thirty...and then three

I sneak a peek at one of the stacks
I answers yet?
I examine my life and look at a multitude of cracks
Surely, the Lord sees that just enduring the trials of life

it takes guts and a wheelbarrow of faith
This should put me in the Faithful Hall of Fame
"...makes the lame to walk, and the blind to see..."

three-thirty... and then four...

"...opens prison doors, sets the captives free"
sleep begins to nudge
My mind still echoing my Song in the Night
"Spring up oh well...gush, gush, gush, gush"
I dream and see my name written in Hebrews eleven
I sleepily gather the cards and put them away
The alarm blares out....Oh, my God...

it's five after seven!

This is my tribute to the National Month of Poetry held in April of each year. The material I have in quotes throughout my poem was written by Casebolt and Pulkingham, the authors of the Gospel hymn, "River of Life." Their song has been a faithful friend to me on the occasions when this writer just simply could not find Mr. Sandman anywhere. I hope you enjoy this piece and if the poetical muse overtakes you...then write, write and write some more. God Bless.

Material in quotes, written by: L. Casebolt and Betty Pulkingham, authors of "River of Life" Gospel hymn.

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