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'The solution that is needed is an Iraqi one'

Mitch McConnell said no bombing without a plan
Mitch McConnell said no bombing without a plan
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"The solution that is needed is an Iraqi one" is what National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden told the press.

It is against the interest of the U.S. and free world to have the ISIL al Qaeda group become victorious in Iraq. Critics charge that Obama policy led to this circumstance. Obama policy didn’t prevent it. Maliki caused it, and so did Iraqi leaders and Iraqi citizens. If they choose to go down that road, they will become a big nation-state target once again. How many times can they take a hit like they did before?

Next time, there may be no rebuild.

Perhaps the best thing that can happen is for the world to take immediate stake in transforming the global economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy. That won’t solve the humanitarian crisis that will envelop the Middle East, but Americans and westerners won’t be the excuse either.

The reason Obama isn’t going to bomb the militants is because part of the militant group are Sunnis that have ties to other Sunnis that are American allies. As important, Americans would appear to be the enemy of Iraqi people once again, and that is not how we want to be positioned. Furthermore, we can’t afford another high cost engagement for which there is no return.

“U.S. Rules Out Iraq Airstrikes for Now

President Barack Obama Is Opting to Pursue Alternate Strategies

June 17, 2014 8:21 p.m. ET
WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama decided against immediate air strikes on marauding Sunni extremists in Iraq, opting instead to pursue strategies such as providing intelligence to the Iraqi military, addressing the country's political divisions and seeking support from regional allies.
Mr. Obama will convene a White House meeting Wednesday with Republican and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate to brief them on what…”

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