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The softer side of law enforcement

Police officers and firefighters help out
Police officers and firefighters help out
Dan Davis

Police officer. Just the title sends chills down the spines of some people. Other people refer to them by other names--some being not so nice. Whatever terminology is used, police officers do their jobs, but they also do much more.

Police officers are people, just like the rest of us. They may wear a uniform, carry weapons, write tickets, and place people in jail; but, they are human beings, too. They have families, take part in their children's activities, and other common family activities. Community is a major part of their lives. Many take an active involvement in the community where they work and/or live. Often, it is one and the same, as they usually are required to live within a certain distance of police headquarters. They participate in children's sporting events, community events, and volunteer in other capacities. Some work security jobs in local businesses to supplement their income and be closer to the people.

One thing about police officers is that, when they don their uniforms and put on their badge in the morning, they never know what the day will bring. They never know if they will be back home safely that night. The life of a police officer brings with it some fears--fears that they have to be strong enough to live with and look past.

Although police officers may ride around in cruisers or sit behind a desk, they are generally accessible. They are open to talking with the people that they "protect and serve." This is not the case if they are on a call that demands their attention. Otherwise, they are usually willing to take time to chat with adults and children alike. Some police departments pass out baseball cards to children that they talk with. Some carry teddy bears in the trunk of the cruiser to give to children involved in an accident or domestic disturbance.

Many police officers have a big heart--especially for children. They help out with children as much as possible. Some do this through their jobs as school resource officers. Others take volunteer opportunities to show how much they care. Some even go so far as to create a fundraising event to help others. See for this type of event.

Ephesians 6: 8 says, "Remember that the Lord will reward everyone, whether slave or free, for the good work he does," (Good News Bible, 1978, New York: NY: American Bible Society).

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