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The Sochi Olympics nationalism or international peace

In our watching of the Sochi Olympics is has been both a pleasure and an irksome displeasure. The pleasure is to see so many wonderful examples of pure human talent. The incredible jumps, moves, stamina and iron willed determination on show is truly an inspiration. It is a great joy to see so many interviews of athletes from around the world who are valued not for the colors of their flag but for their deeply moving human story that transcends the shallowness of human politics.

As we cheer on the athletes who wear our colors, let us not forget that when our team wins a gold, we are a nation of over 300 million. We are one of several nations with large populations and our winning a medal is really just a statistical expectation. It proves nothing about our true greatness. True greatness is found in the human spirit and that transcends borders. True greatness is blind to nationality. When the Jamaican bob sled team steps onto the stage we all cheer them on from Australia to Austria, from Canada to Costa Rica. We recognize something greater than narrow chauvinism, something more important than jingoism. We recognize that even the smallest countries in the world can be great countries, because the human spirit is there too.

So, even though our athletes are draped in that which divides us, nationalistic superiority complexes, let us not forget to look beyond the narrow jingoism of nationhood to the greatness of humanity. Human beings are fantastic creatures, created to do great things. Even in the vilest of human beings, there remains that essential good that God created. After God created humanity, he called everything that he made "very good." The Sochi Olympics give us a chance to see the very best of what God has created.

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