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The soaring problem of police brutality in today’s society part 3

The police in this country are going wild pepper spraying, tasering, beating up, shooting, and even killing law abiding citizens and they are getting away with it in ‘the name of the law.’

Stop police brutality
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Police officers are not judge and jury. They are not meant to carry out punishment of any kind in any form what-so-ever.

A lot of these corrupt police officer murderers are getting off with out even a slap on the wrist calling it ‘justified’ and others who murder are getting off with short or no punishment.

The following are stories of unjustified police killings

These police officers killing unarmed men, women and children and this should have never happened it could all have been stopped if the police officers were trained better, and with psychological testing done on them before they were let loose to brutalize and kill our American citizens.

A police officer should not even draw his or her weapon against anyone that is not wielding a weapon.

Then they need to have ongoing monitoring in each state by another governing office someone who is not prejudice against ‘we the people’ no matter what race, color, or creed and should have psychological tests run every 6 months by different doctors to assess their mental and physical state.

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