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The soaring problem of police brutality in today’s society part 2

Tasers do more harm than good and the following story along with video captures a police officer tasering a 50 year old woman 3 times throwing her into cardiac arrest. If two police officers need to use a taser on a 50 year old woman because she will not give them her purse, they don’t need to be police officers. What happened to having to get a warrant to search? What probable cause did they have? These police officers were trying to do an illegal search on an innocent woman and almost ended her life because of their stupidity.

More and More police officers are becoming violent againt the people they are sworn to protect!
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

On the following website: Police Brutality there are cases discussed about police violence and police theft with video’s.

One very sick individual which is a police officer breaks an 84 year old WWII Veterans neck he says because the old man touched him. This is very disturbing news and we the people need to stand up and unite against this kind of behavior.

This next story is heart breaking of the 20 year old girl Danielle Maudsley she was handcuffed and tasered when trying to run from the cops resulting in severe brain damage and is now in a vegetative state. The cop was cleared of any wrong doing. This is a severe case of police abuse this young lady was handcuffed and could easily been subdued without the force that was used. Where is the threat to the officer when the woman is retreating?
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The following Culpeper police officer was sentenced a measly 36 months for shooting and killing an unarmed woman sitting in her vehicle in a church parking lot.

There are just too many accounts of police brutality to name them all here in this short article.

See: 30 Cases Extreme police brutality and blatant misconduct

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