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The soaring problem of police brutality in today’s society part 1

See You Tube and look up police brutality videos and you may be shocked to see how many there are and the extent some police officers go to abuse the very people they are sworn to protect.

Police brutality needs to be stopped
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

Wikipedia defines Police Brutality as ‘the wanton use of excessive force, usually physical, but potentially in the form of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer.’

Some of the police officers in today’s society are under the false impression that ‘they are the law’ this of course is not true ‘they are to uphold the law’ and are sworn in as peace officers to ‘serve and protect the people.’

Some ways police brutality is used today are: intimidation, racial profiling, physical, mental and sexual abuse are to name just a few.

Some words used for police abuse are:
Police misconduct, police corruption, law enforcement misconduct, law enforcement corruption, and police brutality.

This NBC NEWS story relates a 72 year old woman being tasered by a police officer and later the law states his tasering was legal. Seen on NBC’s Today show the Texas police officer was twice the size of the older woman and when he tasered her she was not in touching distance, then after being thrown to the grown was tasered again, she was doing no harm and he tasered her why? Because he could and he knew he would get away with elderly abuse. One thing that stands out in this injustice is how NBC’s Matt Lauer blames the woman! It is disgusting to think how this world is turning out when a 72 year old woman who is physically abused by a police officer gets the blame.

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