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The soaring problem of peer pressure and bullying in today’s society

Children are being bullied by other children everyday in our school system. The overwhelming peer pressure and bullying in today’s society has put a heavy toll on our children’s mental and physical well being.

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Bullying happens in person at school, in the park, on the street, and at after school events and activities, also by internet connection on the computer through social network sites, and on cell phones with messaging/texting.

More and more children are thinking about suicide, some attempting it and others following all the way through with it.

The stress and pressure of other children bullying them has become a big problem in today’s society. We need to address this problem socially, politically and at home by getting more involved with our children and their activities.

Watch for warning signs that your child is being bullied, these could include but not be limited to the following:

Failing grades
Changes in behavior
Talking about suicide
Scared to go to school
Changes in eating habits
Loss of interest in activities
Insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
Harming themselves or others
Mood swings no one knows your child better than you.

Any changes in your child could mean they have a bullying problem and if not a bulling problem sometimes some of these warning signals are signs of drug or alcohol abuse or some other mental or physical problem.

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