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The Soaps...Bubbling On

Soap Fans Still Longing For Their Soaps To Return
Soap Fans Still Longing For Their Soaps To Return
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The hits just keep on coming folks.....only these are not great songs.

They are in fact, varied opinions as to why All My Children and One Life To Live did not fare well online.

I've spent the last several days reading hundreds of articles of this type and the comments as well.

This one caught my eye last night.

Apparently ABC is firing back on the subject of this soap cancellation fiasco.

So here is my take:

In my humble opinion, Prospect Park bit off more than they could rightfully chew.

Prospect Park's experience is with one hour shows that are on in primetime and I just want to say that their shows are excellent.

However, producing a Soap Opera is completely different and Prospect Park's inexperience going forward with the One Life To Live and All My Children online proved that in no uncertain terms.

The writers they hired wrote the shows in such a diverse way that it changed them so drastically that they were barely recognizable.
That didn't sit well with most of the fans either, that and the fact that they shortened the shows to four episodes per week at less than half hour runs, right out of the gate.

At first the shows were running at less than half an hour, four times a week, then Prospect Park decided to cut the shows to only two shows per week because in Prospect Park's opinion, the fans couldn't keep up.

I guess the fact that the fans had been faithfully watching five one hour episodes per week of each of these soaps for several decades before Prospect Park put them online, made no difference to them.

Also there was the time constraint.

Prospect Park decided that a problem existed because fans weren't watching the shows at their regular times.

That was ludicrous, considering the fact that the episodes were downloaded to the internet at 5:30 A.M. on show days.

Most Soap fans do have jobs and one of the major selling points of putting the shows Online was so that there would be no more time constraints, fans could be free to watch on their own schedules, which they were doing.

As it all washed out though, in my opinion, Prospect Park cut it's own throat with the extreme diverse changes to the shows' storylines and cutting the episodes to only two episodes per week.

I've read several of the comments on this page(even left one myself) and I was flabbergasted to see again here, that there are some who feel that the contract offers from ABC/General Hospital to the three OLTL actors were “Under-the-table.”

To anyone out there who may be thinking that:

There is no such thing as an under-the-table- contract.

Everything in the Television Entertainment Industry has to be open, legal and above board because the actors as well as production companies are union members.

When Roger Howarth, Kirsten Alderson and Michael Easton were offered contracts on GH, One Life To Live had already been cancelled and at that time there was no one anywhere that was willing to take the either of the cancelled soaps on.

As anyone in that business knows, if actors don't work they don't get paid and the contract offer to continue their characters in Port Charles/GH must have been a Godsend to the three of them at the point.

The three actors were free to go and free to sign with another show because they had no show to be legally bound to anymore, because at the time of their signing, for all intents and purposes, One Life To Live was cancelled and at that point it was dead in the water.

This has been a tough road for the fans. There are a lot of hurt feelings out there still which is evident in the comments sections of these articles.

I understand that fully having watched and am a fan of these shows going back to the years when these individual shows first aired and was there in their heyday when all four ABC Soaps; General Hospital, All My Children, One Life To Live and Dark Shadows were on the air.

In conclusion, I would love to see All My Children and One Life To Live come back to Television.

These soaps are obviously still sorely missed by the fans and I know the shows would be welcomed back with the fan's open arms ready to lend their support with the purchase sponsor products once again.

I would hope that if these soaps should return to ABC that they would come back as fans recognize them previous to their Online versions and with writers on board that are well acquainted and experienced with the art of great soap opera writing and that they would once again be in the ABC Daytime lineup.

It is said: “If wishes were horses then dreamers would ride.”

Well aren't dreams just the stuff that soaps are made of anyway?

Oh and on a final note while I'm dreaming....I would like to see a new Dark Shadows production return to Daytime also.

Then ABC could reign supreme in Sponsor heaven once again, in it's place as the mighty ABC Afternoon Quad once again.

Hey... it could happen.

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