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The snow gives us pause

Baltimore Blizzard Dec 2009.
Baltimore Blizzard Dec 2009.
photo by Evie/Evie's Events & Promotions
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As much as I like to move, I also enjoy hibernating once in a while, too.  Sometimes, I almost envy those animals who are able to just "shut down" for a whole winter. In honor of "hibernation", I'd like to share some positive thoughts about being snowed in for the weekend.

In our modern times, we are in such a hurry: hurry to work; hurry to our extra-curricular activities; hurry to shuffle our children to this group or that activity; hurry to eat, hurry to drive, & hurry with our relationships.  Most of the time, we are in such a rush to nowhere.  Some of us can't even sleep well & let our bodies relax & rejuvenate the way they were intended.

I like to think that maybe, just maybe, God uses moments like these to get our attention so we can STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, & TAKE NOTE of what's really important: time with our families, friends, & to individually give our bodies, minds, & souls the rest, focus, & balance needed to maintain a healthy life & spirit.

Think about this: because most of us are snowed in this weekend, the streets are relatively quiet; the air is clean; we are in our homes with our families just "vegging out"; our children are learning that it's o.k. to just stay home & play around the house. Some of us are even baking cookies, maybe cleaning our homes, or doing other creative things that needed our attention.  Maybe we are still long enough to have a brilliant or coherent thought go through our minds; maybe we're just listening to music, drinking tea, or writing out our Christmas cards. Maybe, just maybe, we're actually resting; a bubble bath, perhaps, or just lying still in our beds and letting our bodies melt into the covers.

Even our stores, businesses & their employees need a break. A break from the hustle & bustle of dealing with hurried customers who get angry & impatient at the slightest mis-step with their orders. They need a break from being called all sorts of names because an item was not available. They, like us, have families & friends, too, and I'll bet they are glad to be snowed in, too.

I think you get the point. In this weekend of "universal rest" (at least in the Mid-Atlantic states), there is a sense of much needed rest, peace, & focus.  I appreciate being forced to "shut down" at times because it helps me put things back in proper perspective & focus on what's really important. 

Be safe, warm, & rested.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.  If you enjoyed this article, let me know at or visit my website at

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