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The smelliest of fruits

Durian known as "the King of Fruits" throughout Southeast Asia is the smelliest, stinkiest, and most nauseating stench on this side of the equator.

Some places don't even allow them!
Some places don't even allow them!
Theodora Sutcliffe
Smells to fill your senses!
Kate Shepard

With a thorny exterior and a smell to make mustard gas smell sweet, it's amazing that this fruit is ever devoured. The durian is native to Bali and adored by Indonesians across the board and is somewhat a delicacy.

Once cut opened the insides look like a cross between an avocado, orange, and walnut. Imagine that! The seeds are consumed only after they're cooked, much like pumpkin seeds.

If one can get past the horrific stench of the durian and actually taste the fruit what you're looking to find is a meaty, chewy, and slimy texture with an interesting bite.

Transporting durian takes much skill. It is not a fruit you place in the truck of your car or front seat. Most hang them out the window at arms length and even than there's still no guarantee that smell doesn't enter ones vehicle.

Definitely a bucket list check off, but the chance of the durian becoming a household item other than Southeast Asia is slim and non. And don't expect to find these babies at any LA farmer's market.

Who knows where the smell comes from or why it's so potent, but the durian is one fruit that demands to be recognized!

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