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The smart technology trend

Blue electric brain
Blue electric brain
Allan Ajifo via Flickr

Smart technology is undoubtedly the leading trend of today. From smart phones to smart cars, every piece of technology that you own is becoming smarter and smarter as technology evolves. Remember the Jetsons? The popular TV show that aired in the early sixties introduced us to unthinkable gadgets, personal robots and flying cars. Today we have most of those things, they just happen to be in a different form than the makers of that epic TV show envisioned so long go. The smart revolution is going strong, and most of society doesn't even realize how smart the gadgets and technology are around them.


The likeness of the smart handheld devices that you own today were introduced in the popular television show Star Trek as communicators. These devices were personal handheld gadgets that fictional characters carried around with them to communicate with people from their fleet. Although the smartphone you own today has no intergalactic communication abilities, these devices are arguably much smarter than the ones envisioned in the popular science fiction show. The Apple, Android or Windows handheld device that you may own knows who you are better that most of the people you know. It studies what you search for and remembers to better assist you in the future. It can talk to you and answer simple questions and possibly even complex ones as well. With the power of the internet, it can instantly educate and update you on world news and topics. Applications have done away with lots of gadgets like voice recorders, compasses, GPS screens, stopwatches, alarms and tons of others.

Smart home appliances

Back in the sixties, popular science fiction enthusiasts envisioned personal robots doing housework and chores for you, but who would have thought that it would have been the appliances themselves that were going to be smart? Today we have robots like the iRobot Roomba to clean and vacuum our floors but most of the new appliances coming out in recent days are smart themselves. The new line of LG appliances like the Smart refrigerator can pair with your handheld device and tell you what you have inside so that you no longer have to make grocery lists. It can even give you recipe suggestions based on whats inside. The new smart locks like the Goji can automatically unlock your front door for you without a key and even let friends inside with your permission. Smart thermostats like the Nest can learn preferred temperatures and adjust them for you based on when you get up, go to bed, arrive home and go on vacation etc.

Smart Cars

Although most smart cars are called smart because of their economic sensibility, many newer cars can pair with handheld devices to talk to you, play music, give you directions and update you on engine and fuel statistics. Some can receive incoming phone calls and read you text messages to allow you to focus on driving without having to fumble with your personal devices. Google is currently researching and testing autonomous vehicles that drive for you without you ever having to take control yourself. The Google car can navigate roadways using Google Maps and StreetView and a smart radar system that scans surroundings. When fully realized, the Google car will quite possibly become the smartest car to navigate the streets.

Smart Watches

Wearable smart devices like the upcoming iWatch, the LG watches, the Samsung line and Martian smart watches make the normal watch much smarter by allowing it to connect to your handheld device. Many smart watches allow you to receive text messages and read emails along with a bunch of other handy functions. The smart watch will surly evolve to take on larger tasks in the future and possibly even do away with the smartphone in time.

Smart Drones

Although the military has been using autonomous airplanes and copters for a while now, we are just now fully realizing the smart capabilities of drones in society. Companies like Google and Amazon are studying the use of drones to deliver packages and products faster and more efficiently. Many drones can be programmed to navigate routs and arrive upon designated GPS locations. With built in cameras, these flying bots can see surrounding terrain and even pair with smart handheld devices as portable remotes. In the future it is possible that, like the Google car, smart drones will be able to think and navigate surroundings for themselves.

Many of the products used today are gravitating towards the smart category. There are sure to be more smart technologies evolving over time that will think and possibly even act for themselves. When these things were envisioned in the past, they didn't look anything like they do today. Smart technology has been embedded into the fabric of everything from phones for communication to socks for fitness tracking. Technology has come a long way from the days of the Jetsons and Star Trek and If the envisioned technologies of the past look nothing like the gadgets we have today, think of all the possibilities to come in the future.

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