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The SLO Food Alliance spreads food awareness by planning on-campus gardens at UW-Green Bay


Educating the community about the importance of sustainable, local, and organic food is the main goal of the SLO Food Alliance, one of UW-Green Bay’s newest on-campus organizations.

2009 Harvest
SLO Food Alliance

To meet their goal, members are, quite literally, getting down and dirty. “We are practicing what we preach,” says founder Molly Collard, “by growing food on campus.”

The first campus garden, located in front of the University Union, was planted in June of 2009. Since becoming official last September, the SLO Food Alliance has grown in both members and ambitions.

In addition to the first location, members are now planning to expand their gardening to areas located on the roof of the Student Services building, visible from the windows in Cloud Commons. This will provide the organization approximately 2,500 square feet to plant everything from asparagus and rhubarb to tomatoes and corn to herbs and edible flowers. Currently, the members have brainstormed over 36 items they hope to plant this year.

To supplement their garden, the SLO Food Alliance also plans to increase community awareness through educational programming. The organization is currently working on an April film series, “Fight for Your Food Film Festival,” in which the members hope to feature films such as Food, Inc, Fresh, and King Corn.

The film series isn’t finalized yet, however. As Collard explains, “the garden has to come first.”

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