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The slide to oligarchy continues

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that the limits on individual contributions to political parties is unconstitutional now means that America's slide from a nation of equals to a nation ruled by the wealthy will continue. This decision, which denies poor and middle class Americans the same influence as the wealthy in the political process heads us down the same road as Russia and China and every other oligarchy. In fact, we are already there. We just like to fool ourselves that we are not.

When the Supreme Court decided that a corporation, which is not a person for the purpose of elections, could be counted as a person for the purpose of lobbying, then the floodgates were opened. The rich, who do not speak for every employee or shareholder in their corporations, get to use their corporate leverage for selfish political gain. They do not care about the opinions of the majority as a democracy demands. They only care to bully others and push their own opinion through. We call that an oligarchy, not a democracy.

The Bible is quite clear about a society where the wealthy have all the power. The wicked boasts of his heart's desire. He blesses the greedy and renounces the Lord. (Psalm 10:3) When the greedy of our land are blessed with greater control over the country's affairs, then who do we think will benefit from legislation? Who do we think that legislation will favor? Who do we think that elected officials will listen to? They will listen to wherever the money comes from that gives them the greatest odds of re-election, of course. That is no news. It is history. But, it is also our future, unless somebody realizes that the constitution was misinterpreted.

Is it any wonder that Job warned that God would make fools of judges (Job 12:17)? An oligarchy is doomed to destruction from within. It happened in Venice. It happened in every society where the middle class was made poor by the rich. Greed destroys.

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