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The Slick Bib

slick bib
slick bib
slick bib

The next generation running top. Never use safety pins again! Enjoy a better, more pleasant running experience. I am doing my first run this fall, I want this!

Problem: Safety pins suck when used to attach the race number on your shirt.

Slick Solution: the SLICK BIB, a comfortable, slick-looking running top equipped with a transparent pocket integrated on the front. You can easily and quickly slide your race number in and out. The Slick Bib is an innovative, high-quality, yet simple solution to the problems and annoyances associated with the use of safety pins at running events.

Whether the run is for competition, supporting a charitable cause, or just fun, this will work for you. These events are full of positive energy, fun, and awesome people. There really isn't anything to hate about these events except one thing - having to use safety pins to attach the race number on to your favorite running shirt.

You can learn more and get the shirts here

Seriously, go watch the video, I think this is a winner!