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The Sleeping Beauty

Playbill for The Sleeping Beauty to be performed on April 6, 2014
Playbill for The Sleeping Beauty to be performed on April 6, 2014
Midland Festival Ballet

Le Belle au bois dormant. It is a title most people know by another name, and it is the ballet that will be performed April 6, 2014 by the Midland Festival Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty. Composed by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky in 1889, it is the story of a young princess who is cursed by an evil fairy and falls into a century-long sleep waiting for true love’s kiss to break the spell and restore the kingdom.

Midland Festival Ballet continues its tradition of performing classical works such as The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker that it began from its inception in 1993. Known best for their annual performances of The Nutcracker, the group began putting on two performances a year starting in 1996. Company members participate in Celebration of the Arts and Septemberfest, two major events that take place right here in Midland. As the MFB website tagline says, they are “Bringing the Beauty of Ballet to the Basin.”

The Sleeping Beauty will be conducted by Dr. Keith Graumann of the Big Spring Symphony Orchestra, with accompaniment provided by the Midland Festival Ballet Orchestra. The performance has been choreographed by Marius Palipa. The performance will be hosted at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center located conveniently 5 miles between Midland and Odessa. The location is a prime choice with seating for hundreds without creating a claustrophobic environment. This venue sees lots of publicity with its next attraction Tricia Yearwood gracing the front page of the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Tall City’s newspaper.

Tickets may be purchased at or at Tickets are $10-$49. Further information is available at 1-800-514-3849.