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The Slackers on 1/4/11 at the Bluebird Theater

The Slackers
The Slackers

Ska bands are usually some of the most enduring bands as they tour non-stop around the country and the world. Very few bands play more that 110 shows a year but if that band happens to be ska band The Slackers, you better believe they might even play more.

Getting their start in New York in 1991 in a small studio, The Slackers have become one of the most sought after ska bands not only because of their devotion, but also because of their expansion on the traditional ska sound. Releasing their first album Better Late Than Never in 1996, The Slackers prolific reputation was already on the rise. Quickly following their first album were Redlight in 1997 and The Question in 1998. After some time touring, The Slackers released Wasted Days in 2001, The Slackers and Friends in 2002 and Close My Eyes in 2003. With their 2005 release Afternoon in Dub, The Slackers let their ska style fuse with reggae and followed that with Slackness, also in 2005, Peculiar in 2006 and The Boss Harmony Sessions in 2007, which features The Slackers songs re-worked by DJ Boss Harmony.

In 2010, The Slackers came out with The Great Rocksteady Swindle and have been touring ever since. The Slackers will be playing in Denver on January 4, 2011 at the Bluebird Theater with local Denver bands The Dendrites and Synthetic Elements. Not only will some great local talent be at the show, The Slackers are sure to bring their New York flavor to the Mile High City. Go check out why The Slackers are so respected.

Visit The Slackers and the Bluebird Theater for more information.