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The sky this week May 31, 2010


The sky this week begins with the last few hours of this cycle's Capricorn moon energy. The moon represents our emotional and habitual natures and when in Capricorn can make the overall vibration feel pragmatic and grounded. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, has energy that deals with boundaries, limitations, karma, structure, and wisdom stationed for direct motion on Sunday making for a strong energy shift to adjust with. We will now begin to see our desires involving the structure and building of our life take physical form. Saturn will now move through the final degrees of Virgo before entering Libra in late July.    Last Thursday Uranus made his ingress into Aries for the first time in 84 years and some of us are feeling the headache accompanied by that planet of sudden, unexpected, and electrical jolts as in Aries there is much fire energy and aggression to accompany the electricity. Monday there is ANOTHER planetary shift as Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion, fantasy, and boundlessness stations for retrograde motion at 2:48 pm, where the energy reverses and internalizes and Neptune dips back over the final degrees of Aquarius, the rebellious humanitarian. Later in the evening at 11:41 pm the moon will go void-of-course having flat energy while changing signs. Early Tuesday morning the moon will enter Aquarius at 1:08 am where she will sail smoothly while the Neptune retrograde station is still in adjustment.
On Wednesday the moon will coast pleasantly in the intellectually social sign of Aquarius until she meets with the tension of a square aspect from Mercury at 2:44 pm where we may be challenged to communicate our feelings.
Thursday the moon will come into opposition with Mars, the planet of action and aggression at 9:42 am. It is advised to do something productive and active in this time frame rather than allow for aggravation to set in and muster tense feelings. The moon will then go void-of-course at 10:56 am while changing signs into oceanic consciousness of Pisces at 1:34 pm. At 10:58 pm the moon will come into a harmonious sextile with Pluto, the planet of the life, death and rebirth process where power and intensity exist supporting your emotions during this time frame.
Friday at 1:52 pm Mars and Neptune will come into a power struggle by opposition aspect it is advised to balance the energy and allow for your actions to cooperate with your imagination. Later in the evening the sun and moon will come into a 90 degree angle square aspect marking the fourth quarter moon. This is a check point in the review of your full moon manifestation last week. Note any adjustments that may be necessary in your desires as you prepare for the next new moon and another cycle for manifestation. 

On Saturday the moon will be in lovely sextile aspect to Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical activities including all forms of communication at 11:25 am where communicating our feelings will be supported. Later in the evening at 9:36 pm the moon will oppose Saturn, making for some restrictive feelings and a more serious tone. The moon will then go void-of-course early Sunday morning for one minute at 1:49 am and will enter Aries at 1:50 am. Just under forty minutes after that Jupiter, the planet of excess, expansion, and good fortune will ingress into Aries at 2:28 am. Making for some expansive and electric action packed moon energy as Jupiter is joining up with Uranus and the moon already in Aries on Sunday afternoon coming into the conjunctions. Late Sunday night the moon will come into a square tension aspect with Pluto at 10:53 pm where emotions may feel quite intense and up for transformation through active tension. Be free, get in touch, take action, and…change the color of your paradigm

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