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The Sky This Week May 3, 2010

13036_9981_m.jpg                                    Happy May!
The Sky This Week May 3, 2010
The sky this week begins with a structured and creatively pragmatic Capricorn moon with a lovely early morning trine to the Sun at 6:57 am EST making for a smooth earthly morning commute. As the work day begins in the 8 o’clock hour Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical communications will come into a harmonious trine with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. Although Mercury is still retrograde which may seem to create some communication chaos at times, Mercury’s positive connection to such a powerful planet, as Pluto, may support the strength you’ve been trying to muster in your thinking and communicative practices. This energy may also prove beneficial if put to work as an underlying form of transformation in the realm of your thinking processes. Reflection of your previous means and delivery in thought patterns and communications may bring about this plutonian change and rebirth of positive waves.
Tuesday we continue feeling the restrained push forward energy as the moon continues her journey through Capricorn. In the early morning hours she’ll have a nice connection to Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, expansion, excess, and good fortune making for a positive vibe for those early risers. Be sure to say thank you when you awaken. Mid-morning the Sun will square off having tension with Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and motivation, this may present itself as ego wars so it is advised to take the energy to the gym or a brisk walk as the 9:09 am time approaches. In the afternoon at 1:39 pm the Moon will come into a supportive trine with Saturn, the planet of structure, restriction, and discipline and bringing energy to tackle any deadlines and plan your next move. At 3:07 pm she will sextile Uranus so what for positive surprises in behavior around this time, and she will go void-of course until 4:52 pm when she enters the humanitarian and rebellious sign of Aquarius.
For Wednesday’s Moon travels on Cinco de Mayo, she will coast through Aquarius and at 7:11 pm will come into a gorgeous trine aspect with Venus, the planet of love, art, beauty, and worth, making for an opportune time to call/text/email someone you fancy to brighten their evening. By 10:23 pm the Moon will come into opposition with Mars, the aggressive planet also known for passion creating some potential passionate tension in the air if your intentions are proper.
Thursday overnight in the very early morning hour of twelve and eleven minutes the Moon will square the Sun marking our 4th quarter moon phase. This is a time to review the success of last week’s full moon manifestation and prepare for the approaching new moon with ideas on a new or revised intention to work toward manifesting. At 2:36 am Friday morning the Moon will go void-of-course having flat energy and entering Pisces, the intuitive healer, at 5:34 am.
There will be a nice sextile aspect between the Moon and Mercury at 12:21 pm lending support to any feelings you may like to communicate to your lunch time dining partner. The Moon will move into a sextile with Pluto a few hours later at 4:03 pm which may lend to exposure of positive and powerful underlying feelings. At 5:55 pm Venus and Mars will also come into a nice sextile aspect allowing for eyelash batting energy to begin Friday date night.
Saturday the Moon will swim through the Piscean waters and forming a little tension square with Venus mid-afternoon at 2:40 pm. Some may feel at odds with a love interest, or finances, while others may emotionally spend. This will pass rather quickly as the Moon approaches a sextile with the Sun at 6:10 pm bringing a soothing feeling to the outward and inward sides of self. 
Happy Mother’s Day! The Moon Sunday will come into conjunction with Jupiter at 8:32 am expanding the feelings and intuitions floating around the air. Later in the day at 1:58 pm the Moon will oppose Saturn and some serious and disciplined manners of feeling may bring some into a pessimistic state while others may use the strength of the energy to build upon a project. At 4:12 pm the Moon will go void-of-course entering Aries, the inspired warrior at 5:29 pm. Be pragmatic, be the future, be the dream, and…Change the color of your paradigm. SM
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