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The Sky This Week May 10, 2010

The Sky This Week May 10, 2010
The sky this week begins with a waning Aries Moon providing some initiative and go get ‘em energy for the start of the work week. The Moon, which is representative of our emotional and habitual natures, waxes and wanes on a regular monthly cycle. We are approaching the end of the previous cycle in which the Moon is waning, or losing light, as she approaches the new Moon phase again and the next lunar cycle begins. Many people that are Moon sensitive will feel the decreasing energy and the approach of the new Moon as a downer. Allow for and recognize this inner lunar cycle and move through the energy in order to recharge and prepare for the next cycle. 
During Tuesday morning’s commute the Aries Moon will make a pleasant sextile aspect to Venus, the planet of love, art, beauty, and possessions, allowing for some nice morning exchanges. Today’s big event takes place at 6:27 pm EST when Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical communications stations for direct motion. Allow some time to adjust to this energy shift as thinking and communications get back to normal operating.
Early Wednesday morning at 12:11 am EST the Moon will go void-of-course, having flat energy as she changes signs and enters Taurus, the sensual and stubborn stabilizer, at 2:48 am EST. During the breakfast hours the Moon will conjoin Mercury making us aware of our emotional thinking and communications exact at 7:46 am EST. In the lunch hour at 12:16 pm the Moon will make a harmonious trine aspect to Pluto, the planet of transformation, power, and intensity, bringing a supportive push of strength and stealth where needed.
Thursday the Moon completes her current cycle with a little tension as she squares off with Mars, the planet of action and aggression at 11:42 am EST so do be mindful of any feelings that may have a trigger attached as this would be the time it goes off. At 9:04 pm EST the Moon will come into conjunction with the Sun marking the New Moon in Taurus and starting the next lunar cycle. New Moons are excellent for setting intentions for the lunar cycle that you want to grow upon as the Moon grows in light toward becoming full. The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 27th of May is your manifestation due date and the weeks following that as the Moon is waning back to new again will be your time for review and revision of those manifested results. Taurus represents stability, finances, worth, and sensuality while Sagittarius represents freedom, exploration, and philosophy. Consider these energies when setting your new Moon intention and full Moon manifestation.
Friday the Moon will go void-of-course briefly with flat energy while changing signs into Gemini, the curious communicator at 9:18 am EST. On Saturday this new waxing Moon will continue coasting through the airy and intellectual sign of Gemini making her positive planetary aspect with Mars in the evening at 6:42 pm EST adding some nice active and curious energy to your Saturday evening out. 
On Sunday the Moon gets busy with tension filled square aspects starting with the expansive, excessive, and optimistic Jupiter at 8:06 am EST, followed by the restrictive, controlling, and pessimistic Saturn at 10:19 am EST and then the unexpected, unconventional, and electric Uranus at 1:06 pm EST. Be prepared for several mood shifts and excitement during the early part of the day. The Moon will sneak a lovely trine to Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, and illusions in at 11:25 am EST allowing for a little escapism during this busy day of shifts. At 1:06 pm EST the Moon will go void-of-course entering her home sign of Cancer, the emotional nurturer at 1:46 pm EST. In the evening she will make a soft aspect to Mercury at 8:02 pm EST allowing for a nice opportunity for gentle communications. By 10:25 pm EST the Moon will come into a strong opposition with Pluto where an emotional purge may erupt. Have homemade cookies, your comfy robe, and warm blanket available. Take the initiative, stabilize intentions, feel at home and….change the color of your paradigm.(SM)
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