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The Sky This Week March 15, 2010


The Sky This Week March 15, 2010 from Columbs, Ohio

New Moon~Monday at 5:01 pm EST

The sky this week begins with the intuitive healing waters of the Pisces new moon. The moon, representative of our emotions, habitual nature, the public, and women in general will begin yet another lunar cycle at 5:01 pm EST on Monday evening. Use the new moon to set intentions that you will grow upon as the moon is waxing toward full. Use the full moon on March 29th as your goal and completion date for bringing your new moon intentions into full light. Since Pisces is a sign representing our wiser spiritual nature that may be a path of intention to consider for this lunar cycle.

Tuesday the moon enters Aries, the inspired warrior, in our sleeping hours and by daybreak is in opposition to Saturn, the planet of karma, control, restriction, wisdom, and structure and in a harmonious trine aspect to Mars, the planet of action, passion, and aggression. While you may feel supported in getting up and getting going you may be met with a little agitation if you are not prepared to control and discern. By mid-day the moon will come into the tension of a square with Pluto, the planet of transformation, power, and intensity. Do be mindful of yourself and others as many may feel power driven around this time.

Wednesday the moon remains in the dive in head first sign of Aries for the entire day. Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical activities especially all forms of communications enters Aries today at 12:12 pm EST. You may need a few days to adjust to the faster paced and aggressive me first mind set from that of the more adaptable and tranquil mindset that Mercury held while in Pisces for the last few weeks.

On Thursday the moon will go void-of-course at 7:23 am EST bringing flat energy to your morning commute and earlier part of your working day. The moon will enter the strong, stable, and sensual sign of Taurus at 12:29 pm EST just in time to enjoy your senses while being served on your lunch break.

Friday the moon will spend her time in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus and making for this a lovely day to enjoy all of your senses with some gardening, singing, and an evening out at a nice restaurant. Set out your satin pajamas as Taurus energy enhances the sense of touch.

Saturday is International Astrology Day! Happy Spring Equinox! The sun, representative of our ego, self, will, life force, and light force enters Aries, the cardinal or initiating, fire or inspirational sign of the zodiac, at 1:32 pm EST. Aries marks the first sign of the zodiac and therefore the start of our seasonal calendar. The moon will go void-of-course at 3:41 pm EST and will remain in flat energy until she enters Gemini, the curious communicators, at 8:28 pm EST. This is a grand day to celebrate the start of new and a rebirth of life that is spring and with the Gemini moon all weekend a nice energy to get out and communicate with friends with this fun jolt of energy. Set your intention, seek pleasure, dive in, and …change the color of your paradigm (SM). 

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