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The Sky This Week June 28, 2010

The sky this week begins with the still powerful energy of the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn from Saturday morning. Where four degrees of the cardinal signs falls in your birth chart is where you’ll have felt and are feeling this energy the strongest. Cardinal signs or initiating and active in nature, they are the signs the initiate the start to each season. Aries starts spring, Cancer starts summer, Libra starts fall, and Capricorn starts winter, these are the four cardinal signs. Tensions may be high and it is possible something may have been removed from your life. Transformation is the key word with this eclipse as Pluto, the planet of power and transformation was conjunct the moon, which governs our emotional and habitual natures. You may notice those with their sun or rising signs in these early degrees of the cardinal signs have reached their point of no more and are prudently taking actions to transform their entire life and being. The gates are open for your choosing, once chosen the gate will close behind you making your decision permanent in your current journey. Opportunity will arise again as eclipses take place a few times a year. 
Early Monday morning the moon will be void-of-course having flat energy as she changes signs from 5:56 am and enters Aquarius, the rebellious humanitarian, at 8:52 am. The sun, representative of our ego, will, and life force will be in conjunction with Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical activities at 8:07 am so have your recorder or pen and paper handy for any bright ideas around this time. At 10:00 am the moon will come into a soft sextile aspect with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, unconventional, excitement, and electricity where you may feel a little excitable and inventive as the day gets going. In the afternoon the moon will sextile Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune at 1:41 pm bringing some positive and enjoyable feelings of freedom to the day. 
On Tuesday the moon will coast through Aquarius for the day and social events are favored as well as experiencing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. At 9:14 pm the moon will oppose Venus bringing an emotional focus to the pull of values where love and money are concerned. 
On Wednesday the moon again will continue a smooth journey through Aquarius, the social inventor. The moon will conjoin Neptune, the planet of imagination, fantasy, illusion, delusion, disappearance at 6:03 pm, at the same time going void-of-course, it is advised you use this time for deep meditation and reflection. The moon will then enter Pisces, the intuitive healer, at 9:10 pm.
Early risers Thursday morning may want to take advantage of the moon’s sextile aspect to Pluto at 5:12 am as you may feel the supportive power of Pluto to assist in a transformative exercise routine. At 8:19 am Mercury and Mars, the planet of action and aggression, will be in a harmonious sextile aspect supporting and action that requires communication to move things forward. The dinner hour will feel in harmony as the moon and sun will be making a lovely trine aspect at 5:16 pm.
Friday overnight the moon makes a couple aspects, an opposition with Mars at 12:44 am which may lend to some difficulty falling asleep for some as restlessness and possible anger may keep some tossing and turning, and then at 3:24 am the moon will trine Mercury, possibly making the dream state quite pleasant and memorable. The moon will spend the entire day traveling smoothly through Pisces so stay aware with your heightened intuition and pay attention to any confusing feelings as some may pick up the feelings of others easily while not realizing it.
On Saturday morning when the moon opposes the sturdy, serious, and responsible Saturn at 7:17 am she will go void-of-course until 9:44 am when she enters the inspired warrior sign of Aries. Shortly thereafter the moon will come into conjunction with Uranus at 10:55 am adding a sudden surge to the late morning followed by another conjunction to Jupiter at 3:17 pm bringing what sometimes may be too much a good thing for the afternoon, perfect for those planning to live it up and enjoy big Fourth of July festivities. A couple hours later however there may be some intense tension as the moon will square off with Pluto. Do be mindful of your actions as well as the motives of others during this time as some may feel this as power and control. 
Sunday morning at 10:35 am marks the fourth quarter moon where the moon and sun are in a ninety degree square aspect to one another. This is a reminder point to check on the results of your full moon manifestation and note any adjustments you’d like to make as we approach the next new moon cycle. This is also a reminder to jot down any ideas that you would like to initiate at the next new moon. The moon will continue soaring through the fiery likes of Aries throughout the day, perfect energy for the Independence Day celebrations. Think future, meditate now, go get what you want and…change the color of your paradigm.
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