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The Sky This Week Feb 15



The Sky This Week February 15, 2010.

The sky this week begins with the continuance of the weekend’s romantic vibrations of the moon, representing our emotions, along with Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, all connected in the intuitive healing waters of Pisces. 
Tuesday’s moon in Pisces connects to Uranus the planet of the unexpected bringing some sudden insights and quick changes to the feelings of the early morning. The moon goes void-of-course or changing signs which is flat energy at 9:32 am est and remains so until she enters Aries, the inspired warrior at 7:30 pm est.
Wednesday the moon moves into Aries, the inspired warrior, and opposes Saturn the planet restriction and structure. This also creates a T-square creating immense tension with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. This day may feel full of tension and intensity, as issues with power and control or strong.
Thursday the moon remains in Aries and allows us to take charge full speed ahead on our path of inspiration. The sun, representative of our ego, self, and life force will enter Pisces, the intuitive healer at 1:36 pm est. The fixed state of winter that is Aquarius will now move into the mutable waters of Pisces ushering in the end of winter and the end of the zodiac.
Friday the moon moves into Taurus, the desiring stabilizer, and brings with her lovely connections to Pluto and the sun making for support in creative pursuits, especially those that invigorate the senses. There is a square of tension from Mars the planet of action and aggression, so if feelings of frustration arise do look to the positive vibrations from the other two to set your pace for the day.
Saturday the moon in Taurus squares Mercury the planet of communications in Aquarius, the rebellious humanitarian. Listening is the path to take and looking into the future by visiting the past will assist in creating your actions for today.
Sunday the moon goes void-of-course at 7:15 am est and enters Gemini, the curious communicator, at 1:47pm est. With a positive connection from Saturn the planet of wisdom and control as well as a square Neptune, the planet of imagination and escapism it may be an ideal day to focus on that book or research project you’ve been meaning to get to. Feel poetic, take charge, enjoy your senses, and….change the color of your paradigm. (SM)   
Until next week
~Heather Horton
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