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The Sky This Week: Astrology April 12, 2010


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The Sky This Week April 12, 2010
The sky this week begins with the moon void-of-course with flat energy from 8:51 am EST until she enters Aries, the inspired warrior, at 9:31 am EST and she will remain in this head first sign through Wednesday afternoon. The moon, representative of our emotional and habitual natures, in Aries brings about strong and assertive energy and reminds us to consider the importance of our own well being first as it is essential in lending to the importance of others and their well being. Aries moons have nice energy to take physical or leadership action, just beware of overexertion and burn out.
On Wednesday the moon returns to new by conjoining the sun at 8:29 am EST. New moons are wonderful for setting an intention and growing on that intention through actions as the moon is growing or waxing to full. By the afternoon the moon will make a lovely aspect to Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusions, and allow for some daydreaming time. Be sure to keep pen and paper handy so that you may write down any insights you may gain from those daydreams. The moon will go void-of-course at 3:23 pm EST and remain so through the early evening hours before entering Taurus, the desiring stabilizer, at 6:55 pm EST.   
Be mindful on your morning commute Thursday as Mars, the planet of action and aggression will be in a tension square aspect to the moon. The moon spends her Thursday and Friday in her exalted and therefore favored sign of sensuality, Taurus, making these nice days to honor your senses with lovely smells, tastes, sights, and touches. 
Early Saturday morning at 12:57 am EST the moon will go void-of-course entering Gemini, the curious communicator, at 2:08 am EST where she will remain for the weekend. On Saturday Venus, the planet of love, art, and beauty will come into a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, expansion, and excess, allowing for large expressions in matters of the heart as well as potential for art filled explorations and possible over indulgence. Plan something quite pleasurable for this day. Take action, be sensual, stay curious, and…change the color of your paradigm. (SM)
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