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The Sky This Week April 26, 2010

11376_8194_s.jpg        Scoprio Full Moon
The Sky This Week April 26, 2010
The sky this week begins with a lovely and harmonious Libra moon to have us thinking in terms of the other rather than the self. Midmorning the moon, representative of our emotional and habitual natures will come into a nice sextile aspect with the planet of action Mars adding some supportive gusto to our activities. At 7:23 pm EST Saturn, the planet known for lessons, karma, restriction, structure, and wisdom will come once again into an exact opposition with Uranus, the planet known for its sudden and unexpected changes, electric shocks, and utter chaos. This opposition is powerful and felt as the push and pull between the old and the new, the past and the future, the behaved and the misbehaved. 
Tuesday the moon will continue travelling Libra through the morning and afternoon before going void-of-course having flat energy as she changes signs at 3:45 pm EST and remains void until she enters the deep dark waters of Scorpio at 6:28 pm EST.
Wednesday the moon returns to full again at 8:19 am EST. This is the sun and moon in opposition to one another by 180 degrees. Full moons are times to bring your previous new moon intention into the full light. With this being the Scorpio full moon expect a full purge of emotions to potentially take place or have a secret revealed into the full light. Scorpio energy is intensity and intimacy merged through emotion. Then the sun, representative of our will, light force, and ego self will make an exact conjunction to Mercury, the planet of mental and mechanical functions at12:44 pm EST. A few hours later at 2:20 pm EST the moon will square off with Mars and create some aggressive tension as far as emotions are concerned. Do be mindful throughout the day as the full Scorpio moon is intense on its own and a square from Mars may fuel any boiling waters. Use this energy for action rather than aggression.
Thursday we will still be feeling the power of the deeply penetrating Scorpio full moon as she makes a gorgeous trine at 11:04 am EST to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, philosophy, good luck, and fortune. In the evening the moon will come into a bit of conflict with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, illusions, and delusions creating some angst around what may not even be there. Shortly thereafter the moon will make a harmonious sextile aspect with Saturn followed quickly by a trine with Uranus as she goes void-of-course at 8:39 pm EST releasing the intense energy into a flattened state before she enters the jovial carefree sign of Sagittarius at 10:36 pm EST. Here she will remain through the weekend so kick up your heals, go on some adventures and explorations and enjoy! Early Sunday the moon will enter the pragmatic sign of Capricorn at 6:00 am EST to help you ward off that over Saggness of a good time from your weekend. Feel other, be intense, stay carefree and….change the color of your paradigm. SM
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