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The sky is falling, or is it?

The sky is not falling....yet!
The sky is not falling....yet!
Mount Real Forum
  • 7.2 Billion People on the Earth
  • 35 Million People in Canada
  • By March 31st of this year the population of Canada was born on the earth.
  • That is another 35 Million people.
  • BETWEEN 1998 and 2013, the Earth’s surface temperature rose at a rate of 0.04°C a decade
  • This was slower than the 0.18°C increase in the 1990s
  • Emissions of carbon dioxide rose uninterruptedly
  • Carbon Dioxide are blamed for pushing temperatures up
  • The world is running out of time to slash their use of high-polluting fuels.
  • World economies are warned to stay below agreed limits on global warming or so say draft U.N. study to be approved this week.

Resources are running out; oceans will rise; we are dooming ourselves, the sky is falling


Yes we have problems, serious problems.

But we have solutions too.

Seven things we can do to make the world AND our lives better.

  1. Solar: the sun shines every day. We must harness its power and use it to heat our homes and power our transportation
  2. Grow local: while all for free trade, we need to ensure that packaging, disposal and transport and priced to take into account the well being of all people.
  3. Burn our garbage? If Sweden can do it why not other urban centers in North America
  4. Hire Ents. Yes all you LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fans, why not hire people to tend to our trees. Trees provide habitant, fruit, oxygen, absorb carbon and are cool – in some many other ways, including shade. Why not pay people to ten them?
  5. Measure twice and cut once: This all adage should remind us that statistics lie. They report a tree cut down and converted into lumber as economic progress, but a tree tended by Ents as a non event. Multiple this nonsense over and over and we have a society that encourages rampant consumerism. That is not good.
  6. Be social: We live in rich societies, yet we do not let food, medicine, education and other essential services flow effectively to our citizens. Wise up. Hospitals are not there for doctors, nurses and administrators….they are there for patients. The same is true for schools and other government services. We need to use technology and systems to CUT out bureaucracy.
  7. Share: There is enough wealth for everyone to eat, sleep and be well. While in favor of market economy and people being rewarded for their efforts, I also believe that ‘sharing is caring.’ We should not have children and the elderly going to bed hunger. Period. We should treat our citizens with respect. We should look at ways of closing our jails, not at building higher walls. Yes we will always have ‘bad’ guys, but our laws should not be punishing the morals of the 1950’s. Live and let live – so if people want to use cannabis, why should we say ‘no?’

What does that have to do with the environment? Why everything. If we could tap into people’s imaginations and efforts, the world will continue to function and be a happier place at 10 Billion!

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