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The sky is falling, and it's not very funny


The US Economy, Iran, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays and, of course, untold others...Holy buckets! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

And, apparently, it has been falling – literally. Billy Mays was recently, reportedly, hit on the head by flying plane debris. The gods didn’t get him then, so they got him this morning. Why?

Perhaps there is a network in Heaven that is reconfiguring its fall line-up. It needed a business plan (albeit a poor one) a regime, an emcee, a musician, a leading lady and an ad man. I hope they don’t need a critic anytime soon. I’ve got a baseball game to go to.

All jokes set gingerly aside, I feel incredible compassion for all those who have been visited this past week by the unwelcome guest of grief. After losing a dear friend exactly one year ago to a lengthy and notably brave bout with cancer (today is the unveiling of his headstone) I know what it is like to love and lose and carry on despite the tears that on many occasion slow your gait.

Peace to all, and let’s rejoice in the prescience of each other's presents.


  • rocky 5 years ago

    you know people check out , everyday. So why is there an uproar about a few celebs ? They are the same as us . Human , clothed , stupid .....

  • rosiehazzard 5 years ago

    RIP Billy Mays. Check out for updates

  • jeffmadigan 5 years ago

    I bet he had a brain bleed from the hit on the head. I know too many people and stories about the same situation. Hit on head by something and within a month or just days, they die. Get checked out at the hospital if you hit your head.......... Mandatory people.....