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The Skip Barber Racing School Rolls into the Homestead Miami Speedway

If you have ever dreamed of being a racecar driver, then you might want to pay attention. That is because the Skip Barber Racing School has been training future champions for over 30 years and South Florida just so happens to be their winter home. As part of Skip Barber’s ladder program, not only do they offer an assortment of high performance driving schools but they also conduct a racing series that serves as a feeder to bigger and better open wheel machines, with current NASCAR and former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya being one of their shining examples.

Skip Barber Racing School
Skip Barber Racing School
Skip Barber rolls into the Homestead Miami Speedway
Terence Keon

The program is an arrive and drive style series, this means that Skip Barber handles everything from car setup to transportation, allowing competitors to pick and choose where they want to race without having to worry about buying in to an expensive motor sport package. In the week leading up to the race at the Homestead Miami Speedway, Skip Barber offered a few different options for racing hopefuls to hone their skills from an advanced two day racing school to an open lapping day, because we weren’t running on Saturday and our budget was already tight, we opted for the latter.

This was a great way to climb the high banking of NASCAR turns 3 and 4 and fly down the front straight at around 130 MPH with our rear ends resting only inches above the pavement while feeling the full force of an open wheel racecar. The lapping day was the perfect opportunity to get to the know the track and thanks to Skip Barber’s team of professional racing instructors who were on hand to help us go faster; it proved to be a very safe, fun and exciting way to spend the day.