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The skinny on kitten choosing

Every kitten is adorable
Every kitten is adorable
Karla Kirby

When choosing a kitten, it’s important to choose a healthy one that you can raise into a beautiful cat. Look for spotless ears and nose, lucid, dazzling eyes, a sleek, thick coat; skin free of ticks, fleas, scabby patches and protuberances, solid, pink gums and attentiveness as well as playfulness.

Be sure to inquire about parasite checks, inoculations, age, sex and breed of kitten, regular diet, veterinarian’s name and address, registration papers if he/she is pure-bred, permission to have the kitten checked by your veterinarian before going through with the final sale and how he/she gets along with children or other pets if condition applies.

A kitten should be a very important part of your life and you should never forget this. They are not just pretty things, but living, sensitive creatures that need to be taken care of and appreciated always.

Remember too that they are animals, not prefect, not always behaving the way we want them too. But be patient and strong, after all you aren’t perfect either. There will be a litter box training period, a very likely probably of scratching the furniture, walls and carpet, even climbing the curtains. Simply redirect them, it genuinely works.

Also they won’t always like the food you select and may just turn up their cute, little nose. So buy small quantities at first and once they select their favorite, continue to offer it to them.

As far as toys are concerned, the same rule applies. Some kittens like want toys, others catnip mice, others swear by da bird. Remember, you can always return unwanted toys, so don’t expect to succeed on first try. Playing is a very important part of a kitten’s life and for that matter, a cat’s too.

Make it a goal to be a very good caregiver. The rewards come back a hundredfold.

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