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The Skinny on Cruising

Swimming to Trim
Swimming to Trim

Sometimes I hear concerns about gaining weight on a cruise. Considering that less than 20% of the U.S. population has cruised, there can certainly be misconceptions on the experience. Yes, there are buffets, venues and food service running 24/7 and you can take advantage of that if you want. But, there are also ways to combat any pound creepage. Try these FREE, simple tips and you can eat and enjoy your way through a great cruise:

  1. Get in the pool. There are volleyball games, water aerobics and more going on - join the game or swim on your own.
  2. Eat Healthy. On every menu there is a health selection if you think you have over done it here or there.
  3. Use the Stairs. Elevators can be slow during certain rush times - just make it a habit to take the stairs and you will be ahead of the rush and pounds.
  4. Try the Gym. The gym is free and they are a good size to support several types of workout machines.
  5. Run the Track. Where else can you get such a beautiful ocean view to distract you from the running.
  6. Choose the Right Excursion. When you get off the ship, opt to do the excursions that include walking, hiking, swimming instead of a bus tour where you sit.
  7. Tour the Ship. The ships are as big as cities now - just walk from one end to the other checking out the offerings and you won't even know you exercised.
  8. Try Sports. The ships have rock-climbing, wave boarding, basketball, ice skating, ping pong and more. Try one of these a day to get in your burn for fun.

It's not hard to balance what you eat with what you do on a cruise ship when the exercise is really all PLAY!


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