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The skin benefits of noncomedogenic products

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Noncomedogenic skin care products can be found in makeup, moisturizers and serums, cleansers, and sunscreens. The reason for the spotlight attention is that it’s not clogging pores.

“Noncomedogenic products, also known as non-occlusive is really making headway in skin care for those with sensitive and acne prone skin,” said a spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store in San Diego and skin research center. “As we all know, acne can even happen in our adult years so using products that won’t clog our pores can keep us one step ahead in not getting breakouts.”

While many skin care lines are touting that they are noncomedogenic in nature, it’s important to double check that it is the case.

In regards to noncomedogenic makeup, for the most part, mineral makeup is generally non-occlusive.

“One of our favorite mineral makeup skin care picks is the Jane Iredale line. It’s so high quality that it receives praise by dermatologists around the globe,” she said.

An important tip to always remember about skin care products and makeup, the spokesperson said, is that it should benefit the skin. And that’s exactly what noncomedogenic products do.