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The single woman 'baby bump' craze

Baby bump mania
Baby bump mania

Nevermind that a child needs both a mother and a father - - and marriage would be good!

Single pregnant women appear almost daily in our news with endless photos of innovative, if not shocking, fashions which were obviously designed to emphasize the 'baby bump.' Forget modesty - - the more revealing and shocking, the better.

The term 'unwed mother' has been replaced with 'pregnant fashionista.'

Forget marriage. Just say, "My fiance and I . . . . . " Jessica Simpson is a current example of that concept. Jessica Simpson and 'her fiance' are having their second baby soon, apparently with no stated plans of marriage.

The word 'husband' has now been replaced with 'baby daddy.'

Kim Kardashian, still married to Kris Humphries while having Kanye West's baby, is photographed almost daily in fashions which emphasize her 'baby bump.' Never mind that she is usually alone - - the important thing is that she is wearing cute, creative, trendsetting fashions which flaunt her 'baby bump' for all to view.

Whether true or not, recent rumors suggest that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may no longer desire to have a relationship and agree to split.

A challenging life for any child? A child born to a medically altered mother may need to view old photographs to search for any family resemblance. Making matters worse, Ray J is currently releasing a video, according to, which reminds people of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, entitled, I Hit It First. The video states, "She may be with rappers and ballplayers . . . She still belongs in my bed."

Halle Berry, who has one daughter, has now joined the 'single-but-pregnant' star phonenonem at age 46. She is praised as 'Halle Berry Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump' in Halle Berry Debuts her Baby Bump, calling it a bun in the oven.

Illustrating the trend that circumstances don't matter, Oh, Baby! 16 Stars Who Are Pregnant & Bumpin’ In 2013, on states, "Is a baby bump the hottest celebrity accessory of the year?"

A more relevant question might be, "Is the current mania regarding 'single pregnancy' logical?" Unlike a 'newly released single,' pregnancy is not a new concept.

Candy coated or not, the current obsession and admiration of 'single pregnancy' provides an inappropriate atmosphere for young children, not to mention economic problems due to resulting poverty of single mothers. Regardless, many people continue to 'worship on' . . . . . .

Jessica Simpson attended J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas. A good role model now? No. Not long ago, she appeared on the the front cover of Elle, nude, single and pregnant.

How many more pregnant 'stars' must we view nude? Long ago nude pregnancy photos ceased to be a novelty - Jessica Simpson Nude Magazine Cover: Is The Demi Pose Getting Old?

For some people, being photographed in revealing, creative, custom-made fashions and getting attention by flaunting their 'baby bump' for all to view, sometimes nude, appears to be valued above future stability or needs of their child.

What happened to 'values' and 'morals'?

Today's trends reflecting attitudes toward single pregnancy could be viewed as lacking in perspective and somewhat animalistic - - perhaps an analogy could be made with horses and cows in a pasture.


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