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THE SIMPSONS Hit The Runway With New Fashion Collaborations in 2014

America's most beloved animated characters have cemented their iconic status in pop culture for the past 25 years and they're still going strong. Now, THE SIMPSONS are poised to takeover the realms of fashion.

Joyrich x The Simpsons Collection
Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products
THE SIMPSONS Hit The Runway With New Fashion Collaborations in 2014
Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products is teaming up with a number of major fashion brands this year to unveil a series of unique collections.

Fox Consumer Products has announced global trendsetting brands Drop Dead, Uniqlo and Eleven Paris as the next partners to release 2014 collections with THE SIMPSONS, joining Converse, Joyrich, A Bathing Ape and Threadless.

“What started with a unique collaboration with Jeremy Scott for the Winter 2012 collection and a showcase at Fashion Week has inspired new partnerships that identify with the iconic nature of the brand, introducing culture-defining clothing for THE SIMPSONS to the next generation,” says Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

“This year, we are excited to introduce new fashion partners that combine high style and classic animation, keeping America’s favorite family in the hearts and on the shoulders of today’s trendsetters.”

Drop Dead Clothing is partnering with THE SIMPSONS this spring to release a first-time boutique apparel collection featuring Itchy & Scratchy.

Japanese designer/retailer Uniqlo and ultra-contemporary French brand Eleven Paris are also releasing first-time collaborations beginning this spring.

Additional collaborations include H&M, who will be expanding its SIMPSONS line for adults and kids, Topshop and Topman launching its line in Summer 2014, and Zara and Zara Kids.

We can't get enough of The Simpsons and are looking forward to more pop art apparel from the iconic family! Check out some of their hottest looks that transformed street style (see slideshow)