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The simplicity of eating healthfully

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The ongoing mantra is to establish a healthful diet and good eating habits. We have all tried it at least once or twice or even 15 times, but it was not as easy as we thought it would be. First, there was getting the mindset to actually doing it and the struggle to keep on that healthful diet. Then there was the constant challenge of the good versus the bad foods where everything seems to be bad for and the good stuff tasted terrible.

Then there is the change in the way you shop, keeping clear of those “dead zones” in the supermarket that are filled with all those “toxic foods” and foods that are not really foods, but food products that are filled with empty calories and offer no nutritional value (but that you so desperately desire to eat.) These are the foods that you are forced to leave behind in your quest for a high fiber and more nutritional diet.

Now you have the increase in cost. No one told you about the fact that eating healthy was going to cost you more. Veggies, lean meats and fish are expensive as a given, now add the word “organic” to it and the price of the item may have risen any where from 10 to 25%.

Eating healthy is not as easy as it seems, yet doctors, nutritionists and your bodybuilding friends continue to rally the cry to do it. So you try it [yet again], but in a matter of weeks you are back in the dead zone of your favorite supermarket buying all those bad foods with a great sigh of relief in doing so.

There are numerous studies out there claiming this that the other about diets and eating healthfully. These mostly scientific studies are all well and good, but then they are debunked by another study that comes out months or years later. Remember the egg debacle?

Not too long ago low fat and low carb and high protein diets were all the rage. Now eating these diets is being debunked. The new thing is eating foods higher in fat and lower in protein as being better for you.

And what about those carbs? There are fast carbs and slow carbs. Which is which and when should you eat each of them?

The one thing that has been consistent about carbohydrates is to keep away from simple processed sugars otherwise known as fast carbs. It is one of the proven scientific facts that have yet to be debunked. Simple sugary diets can lead to obesity and Type II Diabetes and should be avoided as much as possible.

In all the research that you can pull up about food and nutrition and eating healthy, you will find that there are several things that show up consistently. Here are top eight statements that seem to be key. These are facts you need to know that will lead you down the path of a healthful eating lifestyle.

1. Never diet, as diets never work because you cannot stick to it as a lifestyle.

2. Eat anything you like, but eat it in moderation. This means pizza, cookies, hamburgers, etc, just back off of the junk foods.

3. Eat more natural, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

4. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day; and keep away from soda (regular and diet), juices (because of their high sugar content) and limited your caffeinated beverage intake to two cups per day. Limit your use of artificial sweeteners too as they can raise insulin levels just like sugar. Drink red wine instead of white wine and grain alcohol as these two essentially have the same affect on the body as drinking sugar water.

5. Know your simple carbohydrates and chose them wisely. Simple carbs process faster in your body raising your insulin level and pushing the excess sugar into fat storage. Eat less pasta and rice and more complex carbohydrates like grains and legumes.

6. Alternate eating wild caught (NOT FARM-RAISED) fish and lean white meat such as pork, chicken and turkey. Limit red meat to once weekly.

7. Do not mix carbs with fatty red meat. So, when you order that big juicy steak keep away from the bread, potatoes and rice. Add a salad (oil and vinegar dressing) and veggies to that meal. Mixing carbs with fats only causes glucose and insulin levels to rise and cause the carbs you eat to go directly to fat storage.

8. Exercise at least three times per week for 30 to 45 minutes. Longer workouts have not been proven to be anymore fat burning than shorter less complicated workouts. Cardio workouts are the best to do and then add your weight training with either the machines or weights at home or at your local gym. Exercise helps you to process those extra calories you don’t need that would otherwise just fall to fat storage.

Eating healthy now has become so much easier for you with having the knowledge of these eight “to know” items. No more doing that special diet thing or buying over priced organic foods. Yes, it is true, junk food and dead zone products are cheaper to buy, but in the long run you tend to buy more of them because you eat more of them to fill you up. The only thing they are filled with is empty calories with no nutritional value and that just adds pounds and inches to your body.

It really is a matter of thinking about what you are putting into you mouth and how much you consume that count the most. Keep it simple. Don’t over think it. It is easier than you thought.

So, go ahead, try doing this one more time. Following those eight lexicons because it just may be your ticket to eat healthfully.



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