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The simple things in life may be helping your health: Calorie shedding chart

Everyone wants to shed a few pounds and has good intentions about exercise. Then life steps in and changes your goals and plans for the day. You still shed calories throughout the day whether you realize it or not.

Shed some calories with little effort!
Healthy Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

There are lots of things that we all do on a daily or weekly basis that actually sheds calories as we go through chores and simple activities. Most of the items on the list we tackle without a thought about weight loss, exercise or burning calories. In the end we actually do all those things and they do add up to help your health without even knowing it is happening.

Many people are stuck behind a desk or choose to be a couch potato. We all know that you burn more calories moving than being in a sedentary state. Then again everyone knows it is easier to eat more calories than burn them off when in this state.

The amount of calories the body burns when sitting still:

Sitting at the computer – 76

Sitting in front of the television - 76

Little activities that can shed some calories:

Laundry - 153

Cooking – 157

Washing dishes – 163

Vacuuming – 180

Sweeping – 180

Grocery shopping – 259

Walking the dog – 316

Washing the car – 326

Dancing – 326

Gardening – 345

These activities we all do and never realize we are still working towards burning calories. Maybe we do but until now didn’t know exactly how many simple activities or housework can affect your health and weight loss a few calories at a time.

Exercise can really burn those calories if you do these:

Work out at the gym – 403

Walking at a fast pace – 422

Doing aerobics – 431

Talking a leisurely bike ride – 470

Playing racquetball – 470

Weight lifting – 499

Going rollerblading – 508

Playing tennis – 585

Swimming in the pool – 643

Jogging – 720

As you can see putting some effort into certain types of exercises can really boost the burn of calories. Some of these are easier than others while others are designed for limited times of exercising.

Sometimes the little things in life can aid in healthy living while burning excess calories!

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