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The simple pleasures of life

There is absolutely nothing like our friends getting outside and discovering a fresh clear day to run, romp and have fun in. While all winter they may have just gone outside take care of business and returned to the house; we are now on the new game.

Running around the yard or house, happy to enjoy the sights and smells; they seem to not slow down to smell the roses so to speak. They are so happy and this feeling is contagious. We so enjoy watching them delight in something so simple and basic. What a wonderful time of year.

Certainly we have so much to do that it would seem if we have three summers put together there would not be enough time. However let just take an hour and just enjoy (no questions, concerns or misgivings) this simple play time. Our pets have the right idea to a fun and interesting life. Let’s just take the next hour and enjoy the simple side of things. No purchases necessary, no expenditures of education, time or possessions; instead we are just in the moment.

Yes again our pets have shown us the simple side of life which will provide us with relaxation, enjoyment and quality time. Many of our health issue might be curtailed if we simply took the time each day to stop, see and experience the small things in life.

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