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The similarities between The Dark Knight, The U.S. Military and U.S. foreign policy.


Maybe the U.S. needs a bat signal for the world to call on us for help.

This was an article I wrote several months ago about the disaster in Haiti and how compassionate the American people are to help those in need. 

At the end of the article, I raise some points as to the world loving us when things go well, and when they vilify I us when things don't go so smoothly.

The last question I posed applies today, much more quickly than I anticipated.  Our nation has been hit with a disaster in the form of the oil spill.  Some say it's worse than Hurricane Katrina. 

The question I posed was, "When our next Katrina hits, who will be there to help us"?

So I pose a new question; who is helping us the way we've helped other nations in time of need?

Original Article

In times of peace and prosperity(Thanks to the never-ending vigilance of Batman), Gotham City to some extent takes their hero Batman for granted and tends to forget that they need him. 

In many ways, the world sees the United States as Batman.  Since the end of the Cold War, there has been relative peace in the world.  Because of that peace, the world has taken the United States for granted and has even vilified her for the minor problems that have occurred. 

In the comics, some bleeding hearts feel that Batman is too harsh on crime and The Joker and that he should treat them more humanely.  Of course those making these pleas aren't the ones out there dealing with the violence.

In the past 20 years, the United States has liberated millions of people, several countries and have been hunting down tyrants and terrorists.  Most of the world hasn't had to face these travesties, but they still exist. 

And like Batman, The United States has to hear that our methods are too harsh.

Fighting a war isn't pretty but someone has to do it and it never ends. 

Instead of applauding the U.S. and their efforts to keep peace in the world, many like to blame the United States and her past president for creating more chaos in the world.  Some have even claimed that we entered into these wars for the sake of oil or money. 

Much of the world is envious and jealous of us, and probably wishes we would go away. 

I imagine that many in Haiti just a week ago harbored jealous feelings and hatred for the United States. 

Of course when tragedy strikes, the world cries out for our help, and we're more than happy to oblige, because, despite what our President said, we are a Christian nation and want to help those in their hour of need.  We do so without expecting compensation or even a thank you.

For now, while the money and supplies flow into Haiti, that part of the world may be grateful.  But when the world goes back to normal, how quickly will they and the world forget how compassionate and generous we as a country really are? 

How quickly does Gotham City forget how many times their hero saved them?

Last I checked, there is no financial gain for us to help Haiti, and yet we do it, because we have the tools to do so.

Just like Batman, the United States keeps the world safe and yet is vilified and even at times, hated... until tragedy strikes again and no one else can help.

At the end of "The Dark Knight", Batman tells Gordon and others that he will go away, for he is not the hero that Gotham needs right now. 

Sometimes, just to get the point across, I wish we as a nation could become isolationists for a period of time and let the world fend for itself.  How quickly would the world plunge into chaos and warfare? 

How quickly would they demand that we go back to our peace keeping missions and bring the world back to prosperity and keep evil doers in check?

If it weren't for the United States, who would be in Haiti helping those poor people out to the extent and cost that we currently are? 

The world needs a hero and they need to treat their heroes better.  In good times and bad.

Who will help Batman when he needs help?

Who will help the United States when the next 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina strikes?


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